January in Pictures...

Better late than never...a little recap of our January!  Our big highlight was our trip to PA that I already blogged about.  In between, we worked on staying warm, finding fun winter activities to beat the winter doldrums and started finishing our basement (well Scott started and I just gave my opinion on things ;).

Solon and Scott dug out of a nice big snowstorm...they both worked hard and were rewarded with a favorite winter treat, hot chocolate, when they were done!  Vera opted to stay in where it was warm and watch and cheer them on from the window.

I coordinate the Awana store at church 3 times a year.  It is a fun way to be involved without the weekly time commitment.  I decided a fun date following with my little man would be fun.  He ate it up.  We took funny pictures on the phone, ate ice cream, chatted (well I asked 1000 questions), he gave me a kiss and said he loved being with me (a sure bet after that comment, we will do this A LOT  in the future :).

I got to help my friend Emilie out, who works occasionally as a float pharmacist in town.  I watched all the kiddos.  The 4 older ones pretty much keep each other entertained for hours and snuggling a baby is pretty much heaven...and how cute are they all?  They wanted a picture next to the newest member of the bunch!

Vera and I both got new do's which happened to make us look like twinkles.  She wanted long princess hair but fine blonde hair and winter static make that really look rough.  She was fighting ponies in her hair so a new cute look to the rescue.  We all think its darling on her :).

Our kids continue to love their tumbling classes!  Solon was moved up a level so now we spend a whole morning at the gym between both their classes.  I miss when they were in class at the same time but I am glad they are learning, growing and getting stronger.

And of course we fit in some crafting and cooking!

We made jello jugglers but I didn't read the directions so we had just a few which was fine because Solon is the only one that likes jello ;).

And we always have a stash of fun projects in the pantry so they found a few to do...

...and yes we started finishing the basement.  My super handy hubby is doing all the framing and adding HVAC vents, then next up will be electrical (which he is hiring out) and drywalling (also hiring out).  Our goal is to have a completed basement by next holiday season for guests.  Our upstairs bedrooms will all have residents come June ;).  Solon said he doesn't like to go to Menard's with me because daddy and I talk too much (we had a long discussion about doors swinging the correct direction ;).

And that folks was a pretty quiet January...on to February which was colder and snowier ;)!!!  Luckily we missed a week while visiting Nana and Papa in Florida, more on that soon!