February in Pictures...

Let's see now that it is the end of March, I figured I better get this little ol' blog up to date.  It nags at me every single day because our kiddos love to look at the books I make out of it but the weeks are slipping by, my energy comes and goes and some days just call for a nap or there are more pressing items for my nesting to do list ;).  So here is a recap of our February.

Solon got to celebrate his half birthday at preschool and since it is at a church, we can still bring homemade items.  Solon was insistent on cupcakes for a long while "because mom EVERYONE brings cupcakes for their birthday."  Not that I didn't want to be like everyone else but I thought it might be fun to do something different.  He loves when Nana makes dirt when we visit so once I mentioned, he was all for it.  32 cups of dirt coming right up.  Thank goodness for instant pudding and my ninja blender to blend up all those oreos!  We even had some extra cups we delivered to our neighbors across the street!  How is he 5 1/2?  He is getting so big and so smart.

At the last minute, Emilie mentioned their church was having a father-daughter dance and would Vera and Scott like to go.  I hadn't signed them up for the city one because the fee was $35 and I wasn't sure if Vera was still too young to enjoy it.  The church one was only $5 ;).   Of course they had fun with Justin and Maleah and there was plenty of things to do besides dancing, which was good because Scott said Vera mostly stood and watched everyone else dance.  She had fun at the photo booth when Scott was taking pictures but clammed right up when a professional tried to take her photo ;).
Vera and Maleah (only 1 month apart)

We had one REALLY big snowstorm that dumped about 16 inches of perfect snowman making snow in February.  The weather was mild too so we all got dressed in warm gear and made a whole snow family.  I ran out of steam before the baby snowman was made so we just said mommy snowman had a baby inside that snow belly of hers ;).   The kids also loved going down the slide into the snow and having a snowball fight with daddy.

My parents came for a weekend to go with us to see Audra McDonald (from Broadway) and out to eat for their Christmas present.  We also enjoyed the gift they brought for baby.  They like to get a little something for us for each child, it is a sweet blessing and we are so thankful.  This time it was the mamaroo which I am sure will prove quite helpful when my 2 hands need to be in multiple places.  It is very light to move around and has lots of features the kids have already tested out on Vera's dolls.
Of course in February, mommy was still needing naps regularly (who am I kidding, I need them regularly still ;) and little buddy was tuckered out after our trip to Florida and Grandma/Grandpa visit so we napped together.  This happens so rarely anymore that he naps, let alone next to me, that I just stared at him for the longest time wondering how he got so big.  These moments are further apart but I seem to cherish them more and more.
...and my little mail guy.  He had been learning about doing kind things for others at preschool and we had been looking out for things he and Vera do to help.  He was quick to offer to get the mail one cold day and I tell you, with pregnancy hormones, I think I teared up.  Just the other night, we were sharing fries from McDonald's (why do I crave crappy food?) and I said I am hungry and so he said 
"ok you have the rest, baby needs them more than me!"  I about died because normally having a baby in my belly never deters them from stealing my food :).  

We also went to Florida in February for a whole glorious week.  There is just something so special about getting away from home and the obligations and enjoying life together.  I feel like I enjoy my kids more and embrace the moment so much better!  More to come on that week soon.