Belly Project: 26 Weeks...

 These 2 pictures make me laugh...the one above is taken in the morning and the one below is taken the night below.  I know my belly expands as the night goes on but still...
Baby Size:  on average 1 2/3 lbs and 14 inches

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 12 lbs  (but I am sure it is more, I have my 27 week check-up and glucose test on Thursday)
Maternity Clothes: I am down to certain t-shirts that fit comfortably over my belly and the rest are maternity clothes. 
Gender: more people are guessing girl these days...we still don't have a girl name :(
Movement: Vera was napping on me the other day and baby was not happy about that, I tried to rest too but the crazy movement in my belly prevented that.  Solon felt baby and he said it was the hardest he felt he/she kick to date.  You can see baby move when kicking on the outside now and baby is ALL OVER the place!  Sometimes its way down low kicking and then a few minutes later, I get a nice kick to the right rib...Solon woke up last night and I felt baby moving around.  They are pretty active anytime I drink anything cold or when I am sitting down.  They really protest if I hunch over...
Fetal Heartbeat:  The last ultrasound at 24 weeks, baby's heartbeat was lower 130 and they were resting and then bumped up to 145.  That is the lowest it has ever been but still normal.
Sleep: nuts!  Sleep what?!?  I toss and turn a lot and at least every other night am up between the hours of 3 and 4.  I don't have to go potty (I carry really high) but I just lay there awake for no reason at all.  I tire easily and lay down most days for a bit in the afternoon!

Cravings: this week it was chocolate store-bought cake with that really good sugary frosting :).   I have been loving egg mcmuffin type breakfast sandwiches for breakfast and really anything for lunch and dinner.  I still don't love snack things, normally do a cheese stick, granola bar or fruit if I am hungry in between.  I notice my belly (given I am carrying so high) just can't hold as much food these days.  I get full really fast.
Symptoms: I still have nausea in the morning or if I get overly hungry (sometimes that can't be helped with 2 small children).  Baby is taking up a lot of square footage up high (all my babies have) so I get out of breath more easily as my diaphragm just can't expand as much as it used to.  My tummy fills faster but I don't have to pee ALL the time so I guess there are blessings to carrying high ;).  My lower back and hips get pretty stiff by days end and I feel like I waddle like an old woman when sitting or laying for a while until my muscles loosen up.
Exercise: have been trying to achieve my March goal to get to the gym 3 days a week and have been pretty successful.  Last week I did bike, walking and weights one day, yoga another and water aerobics for my 3rd workout of the week.  This week I did the same first two things and switched up my last workout to zumba.  This combination will serve me well I think until the end ;).  
What do the kids think: This week we dug out the box of tiny girl clothes and Vera was in heaven hijacking them all to dress her baby doll.  I had piles of things to wash, things to store for in case we have a girl and need bigger sizes and then toss/donate.  Its amazing the stains that appear after 4 years for the girl clothes and I am sure will be there on the boy clothes (Vera wasn't as interested in helping with those, so we have yet to do them ;).  They love to talk about the baby.  This week we were trying to come up with names and Vera said we should name the baby "Margaret".  Scott was flabbergasted at such an interesting choice from V but I quickly reminded him that's Daniel Tiger's baby sister's name.  :)  
On My Heart: We are trucking along.  There are moments I am so anxious to have my body back and hold this baby and then moments where I know this is my last so I try to savor.  I forgot what the last trimester is like and I am quickly approaching it.  You are tired but have things you want/know you should do!  Scott has been a trooper with my growing nesting list and I am trying to tie up all the projects that are half done.  It's like when I leave for vacation, I like the house to be "just so".  I feel the same way when a new baby is coming, I want things to be finished and done so I don't have to worry about it with a newborn to take care of!  I know the basement won't be done but I am hoping the messiest part will be done before baby comes!  Scott is working REALLY REALLY hard to try his best.  He amazes me with what he knows, researches and does in relation to it all.  He is a smarty pants!  It has been really hard this time (probably every time) to not know what we are having and not even knowing a girl name.  There are things I would like to have ready just in case...continue baking little one but we sure are excited to see who God made you to be and how you will fit so perfectly into our family.  It will be crazy when you arrive to think you were never not here.