Belly Project: 24 Weeks...

Baby Size:  cantaloupe and 12.7-20.8 oz

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 12 lbs (I had a bit of a "growth spurt" ;)  I am the biggest to date with all 3 both in weight and belly but my hubby thinks I am beautiful and I am growing a baby so I am just going to focus on that....and the fact that I know nursing will take it off ;).
Maternity Clothes: yep and I just splurged on 2 new spring tops at Old Navy at $8/piece...
Gender: SO I decided I no longer like our girl name and am FREAKING OUT...because I pretty much threw the first and middle name to the trash and we are starting from scratch....we are set on our boy name.  I remember freaking out about both Solon and Vera's name along with a few other things I am guessing girl!
Movement: Oh my goodness, this little one found my right rib last night.  Some of you may remember Solon bruised my ribs when I was pregnant with him and I will say the pain was worse than childbirth (especially since they can't give you anything strong).  So this little one better keep their tootsies away from that area...One night it was crazy, there were kicks on opposite sides of my tummy.  Solon said they must be doing the splits.  I think they also have had the hiccups a couple of times, because there have been some rhythmic "kicks" and both the other 2 had hiccups a lot in utero.
Fetal Heartbeat:  158 (at OB office, same as Ultrasound) but funny story, baby kept kicking the doppler...every time the nurse would place it, baby would kick it which caused loud static.  The kids thought it was hilarious.  
Sleep: getting worse week by week...naps are great but then I don't always sleep well at night...luckily my taste for a hot cup of joe has helped with that and drinking Young Living's NinXia Red has given me some energy!

Cravings: back to just eating to eat, nothing really in particular.  I crave dairy but it DOES NOT agree with my tummy this pregnancy.  A nice grilled piece of meat has been delicious lately, whether its a hot dog, hamburger or steak!
Symptoms: I still need to take my nausea meds about 3 times a week and if I get over tired I notice my symptoms are worse so travel really wears this mama out.  It took me 2 days to recover from Colorado (its okay, it was worth it).  I have had my first braxton hicks contraction where my tummy gets really hard (totally normal and surprised it wasn't sooner).  My hips are sore and I get that sciatica nerve pain depending on where baby is occasionally.  Luckily my random pregnancy induced sneezing has stopped...such a weird symptom!
Exercise: I called hauling kids to and from ski school in very thin air my workout...I was constantly out of breath.  ;)  I tried water aerobics and it was a great workout so once spring break festivities conclude I will do that as well as yoga for sure!
What do the kids think: I was a little stressed that our older two kids being nearly 4 and 6 when baby arrives would be a barrier to the relationship BUT they are just so stinkin excited, its darling.  We got a carseat canopy and nursing cover in the mail (the first things I have ordered for baby #3) and they had to test them both out.  They were so excited to help assemble the crib and Vera helped me pick out a going home outfit at Old Navy for both a boy and girl!  She was sad we didn't get matching shoes ;).  Solon felt the baby for the first time this week and his face nearly brought tears to my eyes, he was thrilled.  They pray for the baby every night and want to kiss/hug him/her good night.  They always come over to pat my tummy or ask how baby is.  They like to read the weekly update to see how big they are now.  They couldn't believe Vera's bitty baby was just about the size of the baby we will bring home (to be honest, I can't believe it either).  It has been such a fun family experience, through the trials God knew what He was doing and I am so thankful :).

On My Heart: I have moments of "oh my goodness, we are having a baby!" and then moments of "Our life is about to do a complete turn."  I mean we have a few ceremonial sippy cups and one pack of wipes incase of a dirty face but no diapers, naps are optional, etc.  We are excited but I feel so out of practice, I hope its like riding a bike and it will come back :).  It is fun to wonder who they are and to feel them.  This pregnancy is so bittersweet, knowing its our last.  I am anxious to meet him/her and be done with the sore hips but then sad that I will never again experience that crazy movement in my tummy.  I am just so thankful God gave me one more chance to be a mom, I am incredibly grateful, a bit teary as I type that and slightly hormonal :).  Soon our "fab 4" will become a "fab 5" and it will be like this little one was always with us.  We love you sweet little one, your siblings and mommy and daddy just can't wait to meet you and buy you shoes ;).