Some ISU Basketball...

We went to 2 ISU basketball games early in the season.  One game ended up being an impromptu date night to Scott's favorite chinese restaurant, Little Taipei, and then the game.  A friend of mine generously shared her tickets with us!  The other game we went to was against Lamar (ironically where my cousin Bailey will be attending in the fall!).  The Lamar game was for Scott's 32nd birthday.  We repeated date night with a trip to Little Taipei before the game!  We also got some popcorn for the game...mommy does better if she is eating something, especially at that stage in pregnancy!

Hilton Magic is alive and well even during pre-conference games!  The kids love the rocking' atmosphere and the quick paced game and lots of music make me wonder why we do more football games then basketball games...I know the answer is more for tailgating with family and friends!
Solon is quite the basketball guru.  Daddy has taught him A LOT and the little sponge has absorbed it all.  They have serious games at home with ALL the rules in place and Solon can tell us what happens while watching a's impressive.  He wants to ref when he gets big but he practices all the time so maybe he will play first (if he can get over his fear of being in front of a large group of people).

Tickets this year are HARD to come by, so we might have been to the 2 we will go to.  Scott's work normally shares their AWESOME seats with their employees but they aren't making it very far from the top of the food chain this year...I wonder why?  Maybe because the Cyclones are #11 in the nation!  Thank goodness for cable and ESPN and Cyclones TV, Scott and Solon can live and relive all the magic in the comfort of our own home! 

Go Cyclones!