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Solon's Pre-K Christmas Concert...

Friday, February 6, 2015
Solon had his Pre-K Christmas Concert the last day before winter break.  They had practiced nearly all of November on all of their songs with accompanying actions as well as finger plays.  His teachers do an amazing job with decor (see the homemade stockings by each student), props (see Solon's antlers below) and management of 29 students.  They definitely were well rehearsed and prepared.  It was a darling 30 minute concert...I so wish they still had concerts in elementary school (THEY DON'T!).  So we relished this last one!  I was under the weather that month and I hadn't even gotten him a Christmas outfit yet, I mean that is SO not me.  Luckily Grandma punted and he looked great!  His shoes were a bit dirty and I would have put a sweater over it but he shone with pride!  We are so proud of you Solon, you sung your heart out.  My favorite song was C is for Christ Child...every letter stood for something in the nativity!  I loved that they sang about all things related to Christmas but especially the Christ Child's birth!

Solon and his buddy Max...and their little sisters.  There was a cookie and punch reception following. Then we took Solon to Applebee's (his choice) for lunch following with Daddy, Mommy, Vera and Grandma.  He felt pretty special :).

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