Belly Project: 20 Weeks...

20 Weeks in Florida...

Size of baby: size of a banana, weighing in at about 10 oz and about 10 inches long...I kind of forget they are getting so big ;)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Well a woman who has had weight issues her whole life, like myself, would normally be so happy she has only gained about 4 lbs, but in this case a little more weight would mean that baby is healthy and happy and so is mommy.  The good news baby is happy, mommy is just plain stores are going to him/her.
Maternity Clothes: yes and comfy clothes!  Loving my Gap skinny jeans, they were worth every penny (even on sale ;).  
Gender: So I am totally I think girl.  I was sick the whole pregnancy with Vera but I puked more with Solon SO who knows.  The Chinese gender predictor says girl and it has been right with our other two.  We have our 20 week ultrasound (a little late) this week and WE WILL NOT BE FINDING OUT ;).
Movement: Baby favors my left hip to karate chop me.  They also like to kick LOW most of the time.  I feel them at very random times of the day.  I am glad they are kicking now because I kind of forget they are in there.  I have talked to lots of people who say the 3rd pregnancy you are just so busy with your other two, its harder to remember/enjoy...this being our last, I am trying to squeeze and soak every sweet moment out (minus the puking :).
Fetal Heartbeat:  150
Sleep: I feel 90.  When I roll over, it takes me a good few minutes and I roll from side to side a lot in the night using my body pillow.  I also sleep with covers then get hot, throw them off, etc.  Last night I slept with one sock on and one worked!

Cravings: Nothing sweet really, I am not even tempted to touch the Valentine candy (what?)  The other night we had a gala for a charity Scott's company sponsors and the table laughed when I brought back sushi on one side and fruit on the other...a pregnant woman wants what she wants, what can I say!  While in Florida, the seafood was divine, I am still thinking of it now that we are home...wishing I had packed some.
Symptoms: Blah!  To be honest, I have pity parties a lot more than I care to admit.  I just cannot get past the puking, feeling yucky first trimester junk.  The doctors think it will just persist the remainder of pregnancy so I am back on full-time anti-nausea meds which really messes with my intestinal track.  I know on July 1st (when I will not be pregnant), I will forget how hard this pregnancy has been but this is my blog so I am going to say, right now, IT'S HARD.  I still do the twice daily shots too and I have to talk myself into those daily, ha!  I remind myself women do far more difficult things to conceive and carry children so I am thankful to be pregnant and will do what it takes.  I remember those long 10 months of wanting to be pregnant SO bad and it carries me through.  AND my husband  and kids ROCK!
Oh and I tear up A LOT about very random and sometimes sweet things.  Solon mailed Scott and I a postcard for Valentine's day from school.  His teachers helped him dictate what his favorite things about us were...let's just say I was a hot mess of tears - so sweet!
Exercise: mostly yoga and zumba with walking and biking tossed in...our gym pool is opening this week so I am going to do water classes too.
What do the kids think: They talk about baby ALL the time.  They can't wait to meet him/her.  Solon says this is the tie breaker and he is team boy for the win ;).  They are so anxious to feel their sibling move.  They are also excited to see the baby on the tv at our ultrasound this week...I am hoping they turn on the 3D for them.  I think that will make it SO real for all of us.  They are at great ages to be great helpers and so sensitive to mommy while she is sick. 
On my heart: Florida sun was blissful and just what the doctor ordered, I didn't want to come home. Fun with the family was priceless!  I love being with Scott and the kids 24/7 away from the demands of home!  My mother in law did our laundry, cooked for us and did anything else to make my life EASY.  It was lovely!  We are just trying to find joy and gratitude in the mix of this crazy season of life.  I have never appreciated my husband and his sweet, caring nature more than NOW.  He is just so doting, day after day and week after week...I don't think I would be that patient with him!  And my kids are trucking along too, they really show me that all the discipline is paying off and they are turning into caring lovely God-fearing children...the work is never done but the glimpses make my heart happy!  I pray that this little one feels all the love our family has to give him/her and they will be just as close to Solon and Vera, as the two already are!