A Trip to Pittsburgh...

For those of you who may not know, I graduated from Pine-Richland High School, in the suburbs of beautiful Pittsburgh, PA.  I had not been back since a few weeks after graduation when my family moved away.  Thank goodness for technology, I have been able to keep track of my high school friends, now scattered across the United States and world.  I hope to make it back to a reunion some year.  We all reconnected when my dear friend Jay died last year.  The memories of a great high school experience came flooding back then and when I drove from the airport to "home".  My parents live in the same neighborhood as we did in HS, just a few streets over.  Of course we drove by my high school, now with a fancy new stadium (for which I helped pick out the turf, way back in the day ;).  Scott had never seen that part of my "life" so he bared with me as I reminisced profusely...there's this neighbor's house and this is where we did that and oh Bruster's a fun place to go for ice cream with the girls...it was nostalgic for me certainly!

My parents had invited us out for a Pittsburgh Penguins NHL game.  My cousins are huge NHL fans and we just like to have fun so we all said "yes"!  The kids just love a fun trip so were so excited to ride on airplanes!
They know how to make an airplane ride fun - lots of uninterrupted I Pad time ;) and a drink of their choice from the cart.

We met my cousins in Minneapolis and worked out some morning wiggles on a fun playlet in the terminal...don't worry I sanitized profusely and no one got sick...what a great idea for kids!

Of course this pregnancy keeps me on my toes and we had some turbulence and of course that meant for the first time in my entire life (and flying on MANY MANY airplanes), I put these little complimentary bags to the test.  I followed the directions and left it discretely by my seat...I apologize to the maintenance worker for having to dispose of that.  Vera wanted to sit by daddy, "Mommy is so smelly!"  Luckily no one knew until after we landed, that I had gotten sick...discretion at its finest.

Friday we drove by some of the highlights from high school, played around the house and had a yummy dinner at home.   The next morning, we headed to the Duquesne Incline up the side of Mt. Washington to get a great view of the city scape.  The kids loved the ride and seeing all the working parts of an incline train.  (a point of nostalgia, 14 years ago I had my senior prom photos taken here...little did I know I would be taking my family back years later).
After the incline, we ate at a Steelers sports restaurant downtown before heading to the Carnagie Science Center.  It was so fun for the kids...(even the big ones).  Vera passed out towards the end so I had to rest with her, I was exhausted so I was happy to hold a sleeping baby while the others all had fun.

That night we headed home and got pizza and played some family games before watching the ISU game as a family on TV.

Then Sunday morning, we did a little more driving around and "remembering" before heading down to the game.  Grandpa shared his company's box with just our family and Grandma ordered enough food for an army so we all had a great time eating yummy food and watching the game (even though they lost, for not being a Pens fan, Solon was quite sad).

Grandpa and his favorite little people watching the zamboni, Grandpa's company sponsors it...Solon has a hot wheels size replica!
We are also got to meet the mascot "Iceburgh"...Vera was too scared but Solon and Grandpa got a quick picture!

The next morning we flew back home, it was a quick trip but SUPER DUPER fun.  A great way to beat the doldrums of January!  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the great memories!