Thanksgiving 2014...

SO Thanksgiving 2014 will go down as a comic tragedy...I feel so bad for our lovely hosts, Raquel and Josh, because we were awful guests :(.  The trip started out with one of our only winter snowstorms, that coupled with a busy driving time, made the roads kind of wild.  We met up with Scott's parents in Clear Lake for some food before continuing on.  I was super sick the entire time but we didn't want to stop so I just used the leftover drink cups and filled them up as we rode...needless to say we were glad to arrive at their home late Wednesday evening.  The kids were thrilled for 3 slumber party nights.
The next morning, Josh and Raquel got right to work in the kitchen making a delicious spread and we had appetizers beginning at noon followed by a huge dinner.  Just for nostalgia sake, our son also happened to dent their beautiful new table with his spoon while having lunch.  I burst into tears, Solon did too when we has disciplined and needless to say I wanted to die!  Luckily again, they were so gracious...I am still trying to figure out how to fix that.
By that evening Scott was in bed with a fever and didn't reappear until the next morning asking for drugs...I was at this point in my pregnancy puking up after every meal, trying to be as discrete as I could away from home...yikes, did I mention we were the WORST guests!  Scott took some drugs and I forced him to rally so we could enjoy the afternoon planned in Minneapolis.

We went to Penguins of Madagascar at the movie theater and then headed downtown to Macy's Santaland.  We had never all been to see Santa together, it was such a treat to share that memory with cousins and Scott's 94 year old Grandma.  They have these sweet north pole displays set up of the elves doing all sorts of pre-Christmas tasks from baking cookies and candy, to collecting letters to Santa, and of course making toys.  The kids all loved it and we timed it perfectly as there was NO line!
Then it was time to meet the Big Guy himself and Vera was ready with her answers that she wanted baby bunk beds...Solon was the most timid insisting on Lance sitting between him and Santa so our yearly photo has no tears but some VERY serious faces!  Santa even shared his favorite cookie was chocolate chip and Vera didn't forget that so we made some especially for him for Christmas Eve.

After that it was just about dinner time so we punted and headed to Annie's on the U of M campus for some burgers and shakes.  None of us had been on campus before so it was fun to see where my cousin Alex and my grandparents (Wetherbee side) went to college!
After that we headed home for several rounds of Headbanz while Scott headed for bed and shortly after I followed.  I didn't make it to the car after dinner at Annie's, I was worried I would get picked up by the police for puking on the street corner...oy vey!

Needless to say by the next morning, Scott was sicker and I was feeling like a hot mess so we  quickly packed up earlier than we planned and headed home.  IT was the LONGEST car ride of my life.  I literally wanted to die...puking in drink cups from the moment we left.

Needless to say, it was a memorable thanksgiving and one we won't soon forget.  We are SOOOO thankful to our incredible hosts for taking such sweet care of us and we sure hope we behave better the next time they invite us over!