Pumpkin Carving...

We picked up this year's prize pumpkins while at the orchard with my parents.  Then the kids decided what designs they wanted, lucky for us, they don't know yet about the fancier options and still opt for the shapes Jack O'lanterns!

Scott and I per usual did 95% of the cleaning out while we shared the Pumpkin Parable with our kids.  Just like the yucky inside of the pumpkin is cleaned out, so does God clean out our messy insides and replace it with a light to shine to the world. We have a book too...a great analogy for young and old!

After the seeds were on a baking sheet in the oven and the guts were cleared out...Vera planned out her pumpkin and mommy got to work.  I am the resident carver for now :).

Then it was Solon's turn to plan his out...

And we had some cute traditional Jack O'Lanterns ready to light up our stoop!

We discovered battery powered candles work great!  A very heart loving pumpkin and another with lots of teeth ;).