Christmas Pictures 2015...

Oh my word...I got this new glorious Mac and it is smarter than me.  I have read countless articles and pretty much feel like a dinosaur with this Icloud business and things floating around in cyber space...oy vey.  All that to say, I found out my photos on my Icloud don't save after 30 days and since I deleted them off my phone (not to worry they are on our old computer) I am going to do Christmas now and then we will rewind when I finally get those uploaded. now it's Christmas and I think these photos are backed up on my computer but who knows :)!

We take turns hosting Christmas at our home each year.  It is the one holiday we like to be home for.  We love to relax and enjoy the day and make a complete mess of the home (yes by the end of the day the clutter kills me!).  Christmas Eve this year we kept it simple because I have been very under the weather (more on that in an upcoming post ;) we popped a frozen lasagna in the over before church and then enjoyed lasagna, garlic bread and salad before digging into some presents.  This year our kids were DYING!  I have not been in the picture taking mode but did manage to remember to get some good shots of everyone.

This was the first year Kristiaan (Ellen's fiance) joined us, it was a full but very fun house from the 23rd-27th.  Every bed was filled!
 These 2 munchkins have been amazing the last few months with a sick mommy and they have a true love for one another (not to say they don't fight, they do but this picture sums up their relationship).
 Christmas 2014 - Solon (5) and Vera (3)
 Family photo (there are 5 of us in that photo ;)

 Grandma and Grandpa...
 Auntie Ellen and Uncle Kristiaan on their first Christmas together...

We hope you had a very Merry Christmas celebrating the wonder and the magic of the season but most of all, we hope you stopped to ponder the birth of our savior, the one who came into a humble existence and save us all on the cross from our sins.  What a wonderful and priceless gift He gives each one of us, if we choose to accept it.  We pray each one of you do so we can share in eternity together.