Belly Project: The First Trimester...

How Far Along: First Trimester 
October 29, 2014

4 weeks 2 days

8 weeks

12 weeks (after a church meal - ha!)

Week 14

Size of baby: size of a poppyseed (week 4) to size of a lemon (week 14)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 5 lbs (mostly between weeks 11-14 when I was finally on IV and eating my mom and mother in law's delicious food)

Maternity Clothes: I have been loving my gap maternity skinny jeans since about week 8, they just have a thick elastic band so I want to wear these bad boys when I am not pregnant ;).  I also got some maternity leggings and wear my comfy clothes a lot since I spent so much time at the toilet and in bed.
Gender: Boy - I was sicker first trimester with Solon so that's where my guess is coming from for now

Movement: haven't felt him/her yet but they were very wiggly on both of our ultrasounds and they always have to catch him/her when they are finding their heartbeat.
Fetal Heartbeat:  varies between high 150's and 160's

Sleep: I have had a lot of night sweats and crazy dreams this first trimester as well as the occasional urge to pee that I fight as long as I can ;).  at week 14 we brought the body pillow back into bed and I enjoy snuggling up to it these days.  My sleeping was interrupted after going off the IV, the drugs made me very sleepy all.the.time so trying to sleep on my own without drugs took a few days. 

Cravings: All food made me nauseous the first trimester...if you handed me food, I would eat it but I could not pick something out or think about it AT ALL.  At week 14, my appetite started to come back.  Water was really hard to drink, it felt very heavy in my tummy.  I would choose food that was mild coming back up...sad but true.  Scott did all the cooking or we ate out, I just could not be around food.  Cannot stand anything sweet...yuck!  Pop helps my tummy so I drink some with caffeine and some without and some water...
Symptoms: At about week 6, I started getting increasingly more ill and began puking nearly everything that I ate and would continue to puke tip I fell asleep at night.  IT was exhausting.  We tried lots and lots of different combinations of drugs but no oral drugs seemed to do the trick.  We finally did my first hospital infusion on December 11th and from there decided to do them in home daily until further notice.  After we began the IV, I was able to keep food down but still nauseous and extremely tired normally going to bed by 6:30pm every day.  Scott was the hero taking care of the kids...we spent lots of days in mommy's bed watching a lot of Disney Jr. but we survived and the kids seem to be unscathed ;).  Those days were HARD, I am not going to lie.  I felt a lot of guilt not helping out at home and I didn't bond with the baby well because I was so sick I didn't even think about the fact I was pregnant.  It really was get up and survive the day and just get through this period of time.  Many of my prayers consisted of..."JESUS..." That was about all I could muster up somedays.  
We are thankful to be mostly on the upside.  The meds caused my intestinal tract to get all out of sync so around week 14, I decided the benefits were no longer outweighing the negatives so I prayed about it and decided to try to wean.  I was EXTREMELY nervous to go off of it and relapse so my amazing home healthcare nurses Molly and Laura, who came to see me 2 times per week, decided to leave the IV in just in case for the first week.  We are now fully through that week and everyday got easier.  There were a few days of detoxing and finding our new normal but I seem to have "more" energy.  I still need a nap some days and have nausea right after I eat or if I wait too long to eat and need to be in bed by 9pm!!!  I have to remind myself I am still pregnant, after being so sick, I think I thought I would be "normal" again.  I am thankful to say my intestines are back to normal and that has helped with the nausea some too!!!  I am so thankful for modern medicine and a caring OB staff who were in contact with me weekly and daily sometimes to help us through.  Also to our friends and family who brought meals and took good care of us to get us through the holidays (not an ideal time to have mommy down for the count but we made it special so that's all that mattered, thank goodness for amazon prime ;).

Exercise: Week 14 was my first week slowly reintroducing my body to exercise after not working out in about 8 weeks.  I did yoga, rode the bike and modified a workout class.  It felt good to get moving, I know it will give me more energy and help us get back in a routine.  Slow and steady...
What do the kids think: this week we share the size of the baby and they love to kiss my belly an talk about what baby is up to...they absolutely loved the ultrasound at 10 weeks and can't wait to go to the 20 week ultrasound (they will die when they turn on the 3D ;).  We told them baby drinks their own pee and can taste what mommy eats and those tidbits seem to really fascinate them...keeps coming back up ;)
Baby Port at 10 weeks

My IV line...I took that out every 3-4 days by myself and in between nurse visits administered my own IV daily!

My look most days...just so we can show baby someday ;)

And the best support team a mama could ask for...with their "buns in the oven" stickers!!!