Belly Project: 18 Weeks

Week 18 - I still feel like my bump is hard to tell, is she pregnant or just losing control ;)

Size of baby: size of an onion
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I am up 4 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight...I am up about 9 lbs from my pretend pre-pregnancy weight (you know the one you hope to get back to someday) ;) due to all the sickness, I haven't gained a ton yet but I am sure it will pack on at the end, it always does!
Maternity Clothes: finally went and bought maternity yoga pants, I have never been "this" pregnant in the winter but my regular yoga pants just felt SO tight in the waist by the end of the day and its too cold to wear my capri ones out in public...yadayadayada, so I found some at a consignment shop!  
Gender: Boy (as of today we finally have a boy AND a girl name picked out but due to opinions in the past, they will remain a secret UNLESS you ask my kids, they have a horrible time with secrets ;)
Movement: At almost 18 weeks I felt a genuine hi-ya kick but I do feel them squirming around in there particularly when I lay down at night or am still during rest time in the afternoon.
Fetal Heartbeat:  150
Sleep: It varies...I am pregnant, what can I expect ;).

Cravings: It changes as fast as the wind shifts (still my motto).  Recently dairy all of a sudden doesn't agree with my tummy :(.  I was craving yogurt with granola until the whole my tummy doesn't like you and gets rid of you thing ;).  Now the last 2 days, it has been a spicy chicken sandwich with mayo from Chick Fil-a.  This entire pregnancy anything "buffalo-style" sounds good!
Symptoms: I have gotten sick a couple mornings this week and spent Friday in bed.  I am not going to lie, I had wanted to be pregnant for so long, I kind of glamorized it (after 4 years of not being pregnant, I FORGOT, funny how that works ;) and some women thrive during pregnancy...lets just say I grin and we bare it in this house.  It is a precious but trying time.  I cry at anything remotely sappy...
Exercise: I feel like every week, I get more into a groove and able to do more. I just might have to take a potty stop ;)!  Yoga feels good, enjoyed zumba, and switching up incline walking on the treadmill and riding the bike along with body work.  I have a wedding August 1st and that lingers in the back of my mind...
What do the kids think: Now that they know I can feel the baby, they are desperate to feel him/her too.  My belly is growing so Vera is losing inches when I hold her.  She told me today, baby needed to move to the other side so she had more room...don't think that is going to happen. ;)  Other than that their world has been pretty normal now that their mama is feeling better for the most part!
On my heart: I have felt SO much guilt about this pregnancy and my inabilities and I have finally just let it all go.  SO MUCH OF IT WAS OUT OF MY CONTROL!  And I like control so that is probably why I was frustrated.  I have gotten to the point that I just do the best I can and be intentional about showing people I love and care about them, especially my family, and the rest just gets done ;).  We have a busy spring ahead so I am glad I am overcoming the guilt!