A Wetherbee Girl's Weekend in NYC...

When my mom found out my sister was getting married, she thought it would be fun to get together and have a girls' weekend in NYC to dress shop!  Of course I was in!

Mom and I got in before Ellen so we made a trip to the 9/11 Memorial and museum.  We had never been and both wanted to go.  Wow...there are really no words that do those moments justice.  The museum is SO well done at documenting the day with artifacts and personal mementos and does a great job tributing the sweet souls lost on that awful day.  Even though there were masses of people, you could hear a pin drop the entire time.  You have to go.

The outside memorial was equally impressive...
The new freedom tower is beautiful and huge...the whole area is getting a facelift with a new Westfield mall that is an architectural feature in its own right.  It is going to be an amazing place to visit and reflect and and enjoy all that is to be proud of in NYC.

This wall installation represents every life that was lost.  It was beautiful and so impressive.
They had videos and sound clips saying the name of a deceased person and a special memory from their family.  It made it so real to hear something funny or sweet about a person...

...and it was SO beautiful at night!
Afterwards, we needed to decompress so we headed over to Century 21 and happened upon an amazing sale on Pea in the Pod maternity clothes :)...it was so fun to try on the belly bump...I never look that round and cute but it was fun to pretend :).
After that we took a taxi north and met my sister at a yummy steak place to kick off the weekend!

The next day we started off by getting her dream wedding shoes...a pair of nude patent Louboutin heels.  She is the shoe version of me and purses ;). She cried when she purchased them!!!

Then it was off to find the bridesmaid dresses at Macy's on Herald Square.  Given I am pregnant, time was of the essence to find something and buy it.  We found two styles in very flattering black.  I went with the strapless version since I will be nursing so imagine what I am wearing in black!!!

We did a little more shopping and then headed to Broadway to see If/Then with Idina Menzel...I mean I was star-struck.  She is phenomenal and came out afterwards and talked to the crowd, she was so down to earth.  It was amazing!!!!!

By this point, we were exhausted and quickly fell asleep before our big Kleinfeld's appointment the next morning :)!

We were freaking it out....it is right out of the show.  They don't tape on the weekends as they stay very busy.  Randy only is there for show tapings, they have an actual fashion director whom we met and was equally Randy-ish ;)!  I was in awe and star-struck the whole time...all the consultants you see on TV were there...and I would point them out after they walked by...ha...
Not only was there the star factor but they have amazing costumer service from start to finish, they treated Ellen like a star.  She filled out everything ahead of time so there was minimal downtime.  We started the appointment walking around with her consultant picking out dresses so she could get a flavor of what Ellen wanted and then the consultant had an assistant that pulled things after that. It was efficient!

I got my picture with Joan and she sounds just like she does on TV and they are all even thinner in real life and so nice!!!!  Ellen was only 1 of 2 gals in her time slot that found a dress.  I think they have a lot of lookers, not necessarily buyers but they have a lot that buy too.

I wish I could show you the rest of the pictures I took after Ellen said "yes to the dress" but I am under strict instruction to not share any dress details but I will say she looks stunning and there were many happy tears!!!!  

We are so happy she said YES to the DRESS and we had a memorable and amazing weekend in NYC!!!!!!