A trip to Fort Madison...

Unfortunately, my grandma (my mom's mom) had declining health for the last year.  Thankfully she died peacefully in her sleep.  We are thankful our kids had several opportunities to meet and see her over the years.  This was our kid's first funeral so there were lots of questions and it was interesting to them as she was cremated...more questions.  It proved to be fruitful for Solon who is very curious about life and death and God.  We have had several opportunities to share the gospel and salvation with him.  Though, he is not ready to commit his heart to Jesus, his heart is certainly stirring and his brain is processing.  We are thankful he shares his thoughts with us and we can share about the salvation that comes from Jesus Christ.  

My grandparents were long-time residents of Fort Madison, IA before my grandfather died and my grandma moved to Minneapolis to be closer to my mom and her sister.  My grandfather is buried there so my mom's 2 sister's and all of my cousins met up there as well as lots of extended family (my mom has LOTS of cousins).  We all stayed in the same hotel and pretty much took it over which made for lots of wonderful memories which is just what my grandparent's would have wanted.  Lots of funny stories and memories, giggles and food made up the 2 nights we were there!

The kids were most excited about going swimming with everyone and we made several trips while there.  Solon is an independent swimmer now which is awesome and Vera was quite the fish in her life jacket.  The hotel also had a hot tub and baby pool and we had mostly to ourselves.

Grandpa and his favorite buddy

Daddy and V in the baby pool...

Grandpa and his sweet V

Lots and lots of football was played with the uncles, daddy and Grandpa and Grandma!

I am bummed I didn't get any family shots but I have really been better about just enjoying the moment and not being such a momarazzi, sometimes that results in "I wish I would have..." but they are printed on my heart so that's ok :).

Another blessing of the trip is we stopped to see my grandparents and Scott's grandma on our way home while we were in Eastern Iowa.  They were both ecstatic to host us for a little bit.

Solon was smitten with my grandparent's cat...Waif!  The cat as you can see tolerated him but wasn't as smitten...he is a good kitty.  Solon as he left said, "Sorry Waif, I have to go."  He is such an animal lover, too bad mommy is allergic to kitties!

I included this photo first because I loved Solon's eyes eyeing the cat...

...and then a smile!

A group shot of the whole gang...the poor lady behind the desk had never used an iPhone so she was so worried she took about 20 shots but we got one and we were thankful :).

This Grandma has my heart...she is a treasure to my soul.  Vera Ann is named after her.  Vera is lucky to have some amazing grandma's in her life too :).  And doesn't my grandma look young...

Scott's 94 year old grandma and sharp as a tack was delighted to welcome us for an afternoon soft serve ice cream cone and some bird watching.  She is a hoot!

We had a great time connecting with family and making memories...taking a difficult situation and making it brighter.