A KC Wedding...

NOTE: Let's rewind and pretend its October again....nicer weather...ahh!  This is my attempt to catch up and after everyone takes a look, I will post-date for my blog book so I have all record of 2014 fully encapsulated for my Type-A self...

So moving along...Both Scott and Vera were asked to be a part of Scott's dearest friend Kelly's wedding. ( they were fraternity brothers from college and happened to be on the new years road trip where Scott and I met.)

Vera was a little nervous at first, all those people staring at her, near strangers in her opinion wanting photos of her and with her...both her and the other flower girl weren't interested in the paparazzi.  We got a few of them alone.  Luckily my mother-in-law was helping me with her (while my parents had Solon) and had the great idea to practice on site walking down the aisle.  This was the first time we had been at the park (the rehearsal was elsewhere).  It was brilliant and by the time they had to do it for real, she was all smiles with me waiting in my chair.  The only casualty was the other flower girl's little ball bouquet broke at the very beginning and they all froze.  Finally, Vera just decided to dash up the aisle...

After the wedding, she was more willing to get some family shots and of course for mommy would come out of her shell :).

Our handsome men...

I have to say this is our best family photo to date...I think I need to have crazy grandparents stand behind the photographer ALL the time.  Vera actually smiled!!!
We were so lucky both of our parents were invited so the kids went with them to the reception and I was able to join all of our friends and wedding party on the trolley.  What a fun time that was ;).
The beautiful bride and groom...Mr & Mrs Guiter!

By the time we got to the reception our kids and both sets of our parents were having a blast on the dance floor.  They all had moves!
Vera also enjoyed hanging out with the other sweet flower girl, I love how kids can become instant friends with other people their size.  Our friends Stu and Elyse's little boy was also there and our kids and him had a blast too!

Of course the fraternity guys serenaded, a very favorite tradition of everyone.  They sing quite the repertoire...you never knew Scott sang, huh...well he only does with these guys ;).

The next mooring came early and my parents had to get back home.  It took some packing to get everything back in the van but then Nana and Papa and us headed to IKEA to get a few things and spend a little more time together!
Sorry Papa...I don't have a photo of you :(.

It was a really fun weekend of equal parts family fun, friend fun and many memories made!  We are so sad all of our friends are nearly married...we are just going to have to have some reunions because we all enjoy getting together and it never fails we catch up right where we left off :).