Well-Child Visit Stats...

We ventured to the doctor for our very overdue well-child visits yesterday.  Thankfully, our kids are in great health.  Both checked out just fine and were very apprehensive about the flu shot but neither cried.  They were rewarded with a lunch date with good friends!

Here are their stats -

44 1/4 inches (63rd percentile) **He is up from the 40th percentile, he is growing!
44 lbs (64th percentile)

36 3/4 inches (32nd percentile) **She grew 3 inches in 1 year
26 lbs (6th percentile) **She is up from the 5th percentile

We are thankful for their sassy and sweet personalities and from the literature they sent us home with, they seem to be quite normal.  **wink, wink!