Preschool Open House...

I remember the first time I walked into the preschool we chose (we chose it based on recommendations from friends!), it was as if I stepped back in time to my own childhood.  They had some of my favorite toys, I contained myself but I may have almost tried to play with the fisher price mixer that I had as a kid.  This year Solon has 29 kids in his class and 3 teachers.  Some may say that's a lot but I think it makes for a reasonable transition to next year in Kindergarten where he will have up to 25 kids in his class for 1 teacher and an occasional associate.

This year his class is focusing on pre-kindergarten skills including sequencing, number recognition, counting sorting, phonemic awareness (hearing letters, words parts and sounds) and phonics (sound to letter recognition).  He seems to really putting it all together and he loves school. 

I of course pulled the teachers aside and assured them that if his behavior didn't match their expectations to be sure to call us and we would make sure it would be corrected.  I have been there and done that in my own career.  Luckily or not so lucky? for me, he uses all of his good energy/vibes at school and lets it all go at home!  :)

He loves to be at school with Max (they are thick as thieves and sometimes their teachers get them confused ;).  They do have similar last names and are both blonde and inseparable.
I love to get a sneak peak into his life away from me.  I am soaking up this last year where he is only gone a half day and he gets 20 questions from mommy (after he is fed of course) on what they did in school.  I do get a decent report most days including who/what he played with and what was for snack ;).
And this little Sassy Pants prays every night that she can go to preschool when Solon is done.  She is on the list and will head there next year (sniff, sniff).  I doubt she will even wave goodbye as she dashes in on the first day.  She already has a list of things she wants to do when she arrives.
She was so excited she got to do the craft too!  She definitely picks up lots of info from big brother and is definitely learning by osmosis (or quite by accident) these days.  It's fun to see what they pick up when she points out a letter or responds correctly to a letter sound I was asking Solon.
We are so thankful for a perfect balance of play and learning.  We are so thankful for his teachers who put their heart and souls into our sweet kiddo!  And I am thankful it's only half day and that he never forgets to kiss and hug me goodbye!