More Cyclone Football...

There are still a few games late in the season to be played and luckily I go for the company and not necessarily the football because has been another growth year for the Cyclones aka lots of losses.  Solon has tried to find other teams to cheer for.  Just the other day the Cyclones were losing and he overhead the announcers say something about the opposing Sooners dominating, he was all of a sudden a Sooner fan.  I asked him why and he said they win.  Oh the plight we have given our children.  We didn't let him switch allegiances!

Before the cold weather hit we did enjoy a few games and one game our friends the Porter's got hillside seats too.  We moved to the hill when our kids no longer sat still and comfortably on my lap.
Emilie and I

Having fun with our hill I said I don't go for the football, there wasn't much to watch!

Vera got a hold of the camera...there was a lot of randomness when she was done but this was decent!

And this is Vera's smile these days.  I sure hope to cure this soon.

Solon likes the beginning pomp and circumstance, the run on to the field and then prefers to play his own game of football on the hill.

...and somehow my mom always thinks of crazy things like a popcorn fight for which my dad jumped on the bandwagon and made them awesome grandparents to the kids and their friends.  Grandma even bought an extra bowl of popcorn, she was crazy but they had a blast....
Again the Cyclones were losing bad at this point, don't worry we had lots of space around us (just look in the background) so no one near us went home with a kernel in their eye!

Basketball season is upon us and we are excited for a date night to a game this Friday.  It should be a sold out pre-season game.  Lots of excitement...hoping they will give us lots to cheer for but as we always say Loyal FOREVER true!  
Go State!