Life Lately in Pictures..

There are just some pictures I take daily that I don't want to forget but aren't from anything notable.  Just from our day to day but I found moments of total gratitude when I snap these photos so they worth capturing for later...
Their love for one another is strong.  They are best buds and Solon is a great loving big brother (95% of the time, they do get on each other at times ;).  Vera loves her brother, she would slumber party with him every night if we would let her but according to Solon, I need my beauty sleep Vera so you can't sleep with me.  Oh my!

Vera's new matching PJ's Nana made her for her birthday and of course Solon couldn't be left out...

This is a good representation of what our nights look like...a couple of books, being silly, recapping the day and snuggles, lots and lots of snuggles and giggles with a song and family prayer time too.  Bedtimes are a sweet routine of our day!

We have a fabulous neighborhood which I have shared about.  The kids love to play with all the kids and usually all find each other in someone's backyard til supper time while the moms chat under the warm sun.  I am bummed this is wrapping up due to the cooler temps.

 I asked Vera what her and her baby were doing and she and baby were according to Vera...Baby and I are watching movies on our ipads mom!   These are old phones that don't work so this was purely imaginative play...oy vey!

In the picture above,  Vera tucked Solon in and was putting on a special show for him complete with singing and dancing!

We started up tumbling again and Vera was so excited for her purple tutu and the new real gymnast one Grandma bought her.  They are both in classes at the same time on Thursdays and both absolutely love it!  They have learned so much, it is so fun to watch them while they are in class and peak into what they are like with mommy not around ;)!  Thankfully, they seem to be good listeners and very obedient outside of the home ;) ;)!

Solon has been super into his blocks and legos lately.  Building cities and airports and all sorts of other things which he insists we leave up and not knock over for days at a time which proves futile given he builds them in high traffic can imagine how it goes when Vera accidentally knocks them over.

This little guy sure has had lightbulbs go off this year and this teacher mom is just entranced with it all.  It is fun to see him blossom before our eyes and get our language and how things work together to communicate meaning.  He was so proud the day he could write all of our names.  Since then he has been practicing other simple CVC words and loves to have letter time as he dubbed it to practice his letter writing and phonemic awareness skills.  He is a competitive little guy so that works to his advantage at time and at others we have to learn to lose gracefully (oh he takes too much after me sometimes ;).

And this little one is pretty independent these days.  Choosing her own outfits in which there are sometimes compromises given where we are going and the temperature outside.  She is also very nurturing, in this picture she was helping me get my gloves on.  She didn't want me to be cold.  She is very motherly.  She is so sweet to her dollies and brother, always looking after him, offering him snacks etc.

So there is a bit of the everyday for you...we are busy this fall with tumbling, bible study and preschool.  Sprinkle in grocery shopping, homemaking, and trips to the gym along with that and we keep pretty busy.  Vera still naps in the afternoon and Solon still rests for about an hour each day (no more naps for him).  We still host small group and Solon now attends Awana (church school) on Wednesday nights.  We are in that stage where we have to really weigh our are we there already!  It is a fun stage and the kids keep us laughing and  on our toes!