A trip to the Drive-In...

Okay let's all pretend it was JUST labor day!  We headed out to the drive-in with the Porter's to see the movie "Planes: Fire and Rescue".  We had visited last year to see the first Planes movie and it was so much fun.  The movie played Labor Day weekend and with crazy weather that weekend we ended up going Monday night.  Given it was a school night and a kids movie, there were only about 15 cars and we had front row seats to the movie - nice!  We brought a nice tailgate-style spread and ate while the kids played before switching into jammies to enjoy the movie.

As it would happen, my sister facetimed time just as the movie started.  After several text messages all weekend that she was sure they were not going to get engaged this weekend despite her previously thinking so, I knew something must be up.  I settled into the van and they shared the good news that they were engaged.  Of course I got all of the details best I could in the middle of nowhere at a drive-in movie.  So thankful for technology and being able to see them on their special night.  She was totally surprised but he had it all planned!  Their wedding will be August 1st, 2015 in downtown Minneapolis!  More details on that coming soon! Congrats to the future Mr. and Mrs. Swinton!

Another great and memorable drive-in movie was in the books, hoping to make it an annual tradition.  It is just so much fun!!!