A fall full of fun at the Orchard...

I know I have been absent from the blogosphere lately.  Our life has been full of all sorts of crazy things and so I hadn't even downloaded the nearly 600 photos I have taken from the last 2 months.  600 photos in 2 months people, that seems a bit overkill ;).  I have compiled my favorites from the apple orchard into one post.  We took several  trips out this fall and I can't believe the season has come and gone.  It even snowed a dusting here last night so the kids are in full on Christmas mode around here.   Enjoy these fall pictures...

Vera loved the orchard this year and could do everything independently.  I didn't pack a diaper bag and although we took a stroller, it wasn't really necessary!

Vera's favorite person these days is her brother.  She loved riding down the slide with him.  This is my current favorite of the two of them :).

They love to jump in, have their tootsies covered and shake the millions of kernels out of their clothes.  Per usual, a few traveled back home with us by mistake!

This is tougher then it looks, its a great leg workout -- especially when you are riding as a pair :).

My favorite fall food -- apple nachos...pretty much heaven on a plate BUT so rich, you need to share!

More sliding, this was a fan favorite and proves to be quite a work-out when traversing back up the hill!  Luckily this year both kids walked up themselves!

We tested out the corn maze this year...

...and my favorite fall activity is a good ol' hayride!  Excuse my while I swoon over my sweet daughter and one of my favorite (and nearly too small) outfits of hers.

My boys and that sky...

Every year my parents come and love to go to the orchard with us.  It has become quite the tradition.  My dad loves, loves, loves apples so we were all excited to pick our own!  It was actually a very warm day...Solon dressed the best in his shorts!
Grandpa and his helper...the funny thing was we had to walk a ways to pick so we had my dad carry along an apple picker but when we got there the trees were quite young and so you could hand pick, but since he carried that heavy picker, he used it.  He was tempted to pass it off on the way back to unsuspecting future pickers but he carried it the whole way!  Thanks dad for taking one for the team...next year we will ask the height of the trees.  Lesson learned!

And our taste testers.  We just got a little bag but ate a bunch while picking :).

My mom and dad's favorite might be the cornpool.  It gets silly and full of laughs before we are done...did I mention my dad has REALLY ticklish feet ;).

The gals watching the boys...

And it was the first weekend for pumpkin picking that weekend so of course we had to get some pummpkins.  We got little ones and 2 perfect sized ones for the kids.  Luckily, we had lots of helping hands to carry all our goods!

Of course we can never go to the orchard without a few of our favorite apple cider doughnuts for the road.  Solon even got to go once for a preschool field trip so Vera and mommy got to have a little date the two of us out there while Solon was on his tour.

It was another great season at the orchard.  A special thanks to my Aunt Chris for her generous Christmas gift of season tickets so we could enjoy the orchard so much!  More fall fun coming soon :).