Just the other night at PEO our chaplain read this following verse and then just 2 days later, I read it again for bible study.  I was meant to read Ecclesiastes 3:1.

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.

The scripture goes on to list a multitude of seasons we go through in this life.  And with each season there is adjustment, letting go of what was and embracing what is.  The study notes say this, Solomon's point in this section is that God has a plan for all people.  Thus he provides cycles of life, each with its work for us to do.  

This all has me thinking about seasons in my mothering life...
I remember the season of desperately wanting to stay at home but having the responsibility to complete my contract and then when I stayed home I spent days filling my outlook calendar in with my nursing schedule and play-dates so I would be productive.  It took time to situate into my new role.  Then another season of welcoming our sweet daughter into the world and again a season of change was upon us, balancing two babes totally dependent on me.  It took time to adjust.

I was just texting a friend words of encouragement because she is in the season of welcoming child #2 in the family.  Oh I remember it well.  Feeling pulled in multiple directions, the older one having to wait, the younger one stretching their lungs, and all the while you haven't showered in days and your husband comes home to a chaotic (albeit loving) home with no dinner on the table. 
Yes it takes time to get used to the seasons of our life and recognize it is a season.

This morning it dawned on me, we are in a new season in our home.  A season of growing up and independence.  I was getting ready for preschool and we were running late per usual for this not morning people family.  I yelled (er I sweetly called) down to Solon to grab a breakfast bar and drink for him and his sister and like that they were fed.  Fed people. FED.

It was equal parts sorrow and joy.  The moment I yearned for when it was all I could do to get everyone dressed and fed everyday and now they can do it all on their own.  A new season.

Naps don't dictate our schedule but school does.

We have no diapers, no high chairs, no bottles (most of the time), no cribs and the only babies belong to Vera.  We are in a season of young children now.  BUT we do have sweet bedtime talks, dance parties, playing games, telling jokes, imaginations, funny quips and a whole lot of I love yous, tickles, kisses and hugs.  And flexibility to be adventurous and skip naps and grab a meal on the go.

We are in a new season.  My role is changing.

So I am giving myself grace..  I know if I don't embrace right now and be thankful, it will be over and we will be wishing we had it back.  There's no time for the I wish or I should have...

And I am beginning to be that mom, you know that well meaning old mature lady that told me to enjoy it and soak it all up when I looked death warmed over and hadn't showered in 5 days, because the days might be long (and they can be, even at this stage they can be) but the years do go by so so fast.

Yes I do agree God....

There is a a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens...
Eccleisastes 3:1

Finding gratitude and contentment because, 
God provides cycles of life each with its work for us to do.

Don't be sad it is over, smile because it happened.

Note for my mother - no this does not mean we are giving up ;), just means I am striving for contentment/graitude at this moment in my life ;).