Mommy, ME and Baby Make 3 Tea...

It is no secret I love to plan parties for my kiddos' birthdays!  I spend too much time perusing pinterest and picking their brain as to what their heart's desires are.  It is fun for me, I know it isn't everyone's thing :)!  It makes my heart happy when their eyes light up!  This year as I mentioned in my previous post, Vera wanted princesses, baby, pink, purple and sparkle.  She has been loving having "real" tea parties with water with the whole family and one of her favorite books is Princess Bitty Baby.  SO, we combined in all up into the theme "Mommy, Me and Baby Make 3 tea", which was perfect for a 3rd birthday.  We invited 2 little girls and their mommies to come so there was 3 of everything :).
My mom scavenged the flea markets and found some sweet tea cups to use in addition to my Grandma Dingman's tea cups.  They are all beautiful and unique.  We also used my Grandma Wetherbee's silver tea set and our fine china.  It was fun to use it all and my grandma even polished the silver before she gave it to me and packed it in air tight containers so no polishing was needed!
We used princess napkins, borrowed 2 extra dolly high chairs and added a perfectly sized table to accommodate all of our guests.
We had mini doughnuts, mini cupcakes, princess goldfish, mini muffins and we made grape kabobs.  We also had pink lemonade or real English tea.
Each person had their own name tag and as part of their thank you note, we sent the little girls home with their tags that became door tags for their bedroom!
The girls felt pretty fancy with their dollies, drinks and beautiful outfits.  The mommies enjoyed chatting too!
We played a few princess games including Walk like Aerial (gunnysack races), Find the Missing Princess shoe (where I hid Cinderella's glass slippers around the house and they had to find them), and we took pictures with fun props.  We rounded out the fun morning with gifts and play time.

Queen and Princess M being silly...

Queen and Princess P being sweet...

And mother like daughter equal parts sweet and spicy!

It was a wonderful way to wish our sweet Vera a Happy 3rd Birthday and a special mommy moment. I have always dreamed of having a daughter to have tea with and do girly things with, I am so thankful :).

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