Weird Animals VBS...

This year our VBS was scheduled for the end of July so that we could advertise it and invite the community to participate with a float in the Ankeny Summerfest parade.  I was asked to help out with the pre-k group.  There were 5 cute and enthusiastic little ones each night waiting to have a blast.  We started every night of with a great round of worship and a skit detailing the theme of the evening.  The theme of the week was God loves us how he created us to be!  Even when we are different, even when we mess up, even when we are lonely, God loves us!  Such a great reminder for everybody!

Vera initially went home with Scott but she threw a fit the first two nights so she and I had a heart to heart -- she would have to be in a different class then mommy but if she didn't cry when she left me, she could come.  Guess what? She loved every single last minute of it.  Both of the kids did. So did I but I was exhausted by week's end :).

There was bible lessons, games, snacks, a video tied to the theme, and Solon's favorite a "science-y gizmo" that related to the theme.

I just love, love, love praising God with kids.  They worship with reckless abandon with no fear of what others will think which propels the adults to also worship with that same passion!

Something so special watching my sweet boy worship his heavenly father...:)