Solon's Party Pics...

As promised in my previous post (found here), here are some party action shots from Solon's special party day!

After the kiddos arrived, we started with a few games.  The first activity was called "Meteor Shower" (crumpled up computer paper and a string line).  2 teams try to get all their meteors to the other side (we adapted the game from snowball fight at VBS).  It was such a hit, we played it again at the end of the party, parents vs. kids as the parents came to pick up the kids!

Next up, "Moon Landing".  Take an American flag to the other side of the yard while moon jumping in gunny sacks!  We played several rounds and as you can see there was some fierce cheering in the background.  Scott and I are big kids at heart, so we had to try it out too!  We found the gunny sacks at Old Navy of all places.

By that point, we were hot and sweaty and in need of sustenance.  So, we headed in and had treats and opened presents and of course sang happy birthday to our big 5 year old.

Solon was blessed with lots of nice new things which we spent the remainder of the evening playing with :).

The gang...

We finished off with asteroid splashdown, using water balloons to hit different "solar obstacles". 
The party ended in a few more rounds of favorite games and a break-out water fight as well.

Solon had a great time and thanks to Emilie for staying and corralling Vera so Scott and I could focus on keeping the party going strong.  It takes a village!

Happy 5th Birthday Solon!