Solon's BirthDAY...

We had a great day celebrating August 7th, the day Solon came into this world :).
Grandma came down for the event and when we got up in the morning, he was greeted with presents at the table and a big surprise in the basement (a fb swap score for $50), a bounce house!
The kids loved testing out while grandma photo bombed!

The big 5 year old and his gifts!

An ISU helmet from grandma and grandpa!

A birthday doughnut!

Kiddos get to pick where they eat on their birthday and Solon chose Jethro's, he loves their mac n'cheese and look at the complimentary dessert - it was enough to share!

Then that afternoon, we headed with grandma to see Planes 2 on the big screen complete with all sorts of yummy treats...they have Grandma twisted around their finger!  We had so much we didn't need dinner!

It was a great day filled with lots of fun and I think Solon felt pretty awesome all day long!  We love to celebrate around here!!!