Gratitude is one of life's great antidotes!


I was sitting in the parking lot just putting the car into gear after a sweet shopping trip with my 3 year-old mini me (that is something to be greatful for ;).  My heart was happy and full.  Nothing extreme happened.  It just hit me, there sitting in the parking lot, how extremely blessed I was to be home doing what I love to do.   My heart was full of gratitude and there nearly choked up, I thanked God for all I do have.

Lately, it seems God is pouring into me the notion of true gratitude.  I am stopping to see more of my life.  Fully breathe in the scenes playing out before me.  The simple things that I so often take for granted.  He is helping me to see how full my life is. And when I focus on gratitude, the rest just kind of falls away from my mind.

I have always been a person to map out what's next, look down the road and plan.  But my plans have not been his plans lately and I have spent a lot of time re-mapping.  Maybe it took me to get to "this" place to realize the "next thing" is NOT going to satisfy me.  To realize my satisfaction is eternal and understand maybe I have never reached the point of being content and satisfied.

Giving credit where credit belongs.  You will never be satisfied otherwise.   
-Matt Chandler (from To Live is Christ.  To Die is Gain)

To ponder who He is, how vast His authority and somehow I am worthy to be called His.

Gratitude is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. - Matt Chandler

Normally for the last 8 months this day (the day that I get my time of the month), brings great frustration, fear and sadness but today remarkably by the grace and sweet love of God, I am filled with peace....

And for that I have great gratitude...

And Mary said: "My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my savior."
Luke is 1:46-47

He isn't finished with me yet...Gratitude abounds.