End of Summer...

We had an awesome summer (as evidenced by my lack of blogging).  We played outside A LOT, with friends A LOT, swam A LOT and made lots and lots of memories.  Summers are jam-packed full and we try to soak up as much vitamin D as humanly possible to carry us through the chillier months.  The pictures below display all the fun!  I have a post to write about our neigbhorhood one of these days but we hit the jackpot...I find it so interesting that the only thing we all have in common when we meet is that our houses are in close proximity and then we start doing life together and they see me in my bedhead state more days then I care to admit.  We love our neighbors!
Emma our sweet neighbor and V...on a daily play date in the front yard.

Maleah and V...sweet friends, we spend a lot of time together :)

Max and Solon...

The cornfield is so intriguing, we have had to set up some parameters as they could get lost easily :(...the cornfield produces lots of "live" things to catch!

Equal amounts of lazy mornings to busy afternoons this summer....Vera loves to play mommy.

We got our annual swim passes again this summer and enjoyed visiting often. We even snuck in a few dinner picnics and Daddy joined us after work :).

Library time...

These two can be the best of buds and come up with the craziest things to do.  They also can get on each other, such is life with siblings.  Their love is so sweet for one another, it melts this mommy heart.

We snuck in a few late summer activities to check off the last few summer bucket list items, before fall takes over for good, I need to blog about our last lake trip, the zoo, and drive-in movie and of course the start of ISU football!