Back to School & Routine...

After labor day, School started for us again and back to a routine we went.  I was thankful for our longer summer that will be cut much shorter next year when we follow the public school schedule.  I need a paper bag to breathe into at the thought.  We are not morning people around here so getting to school by 7:50 (albeit it is just down the street), is going to be a real stretch.  So as God tells us, let's not lets not worry about tomorrow's stuff today!

Solon is in pre-k!  Thank goodness for my later summer birthdays, I get to sneak in one extra year at home with my kiddos!  Solon goes 3 mornings a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and school is from 9-11:30am.  He is surrounded by 2 of his 3 teachers from last year and a vast majority of the kids returned as well.  It is a wonderful program filled with equal parts play, movement and structured activity.  Solon is often tuckered out after just 2.5 hours and needs a little downtime to decompress.  We are thankful we know many of the families and his bestie Max happens to be in his class.  It will be a sad day when they go to different elementary schools :(!

5 and Looking so grown up!

Sweet sibling love

Daddy and our Pre-K Stud

Mommy and her sweet love..l

A close up shot of his styled hair and duds!

...and they are off with their sweet teacher Mrs. R

We are still settling into our new routine between running to school three mornings a week, bible study another morning, we are only left with one lazy morning home - Thursdays!  Boy we need it too.  We all sleep in, laze around the house, wear our pjs until we don't, and get caught up on a whole lot of nothing.  It's a welcome treat to finish out our week strong.  Luckily, our public school offers late start Wednesdays, I have heard it is a nice break from early mornings.  I think it will be a peace of heaven mid-week next year.

My kids just feel so "big" these days.  I just texted a friend, I miss Solon a lot these days.  He is growing up and wants to play with the neighbors and the last few days the weather has been perfect so he has spent the majority of his day outside until supper time with his buds playing football, digging in the dirt and riding scooters.  Today I am stealing him away to spend time with him and Vera alone...

Solon also started Awana this year at church and we have been working on hiding scripture into his heart.  We went back and forth in this new season of what to schedule and what not to.  Spent a lot of time in prayer and are still negotiating some activities around in our head.  Awana was a great platform and accountability to teach Solon biblical principles and work as a family at doing a daily devotional.  We all have enjoyed learning about sin and learning our first memory verse Romans 3:23 "All have sinned..."

I think the further we get into our new routine, the more we will get use to it.  I am trying to grocery shop on Sundays after church and prep for our week so we are ready to go and hit Monday running!  It's a new season and one thing I know about myself, change is hard for me at first but once we get going, it ends up being fine - so we are issuing some grace in the interim!