Solon's Birthday 5th Birthday: Blast Off to Space!

Step 1 running upstairs to get the cord for my phone to get pictures downloaded - check!
Step 2 uploading said pictures and getting a blog post written - check!
Realizing all the actual party pictures are on your camera - womp, womp!

SO this will be a party decor post :) :)

This year, as I shared in a previous post, Solon has been VERY into the Solar System (just this week, he wanted to check out EVERY available book on the subject...we left some for others, I am nice like that.) We are all well versed in the universe!  I will say, the subject has made me really think about God and His design a lot....our universe is beyond my comprehension.

Ok side bar done - we have a solar system theme on our hands folks and NO, read NO, box store has any solar system related birthday stuff.  Luckily it was Amazon prime to the rescue, I knew I accidentally signed up for that for a reason.  We purchased some plates and napkins and the rest we gathered from around the house or made!

Birthday parties are a labor of love and I know no one (ie Solon) cares as much as I do about the presentation but when he saw it, the hard work was worth it. "It looks awesome mommy!"

I borrowed his glow in the dark hanging planets from his room, the globe from the family room and blew up some balloons.

My sweet friend Lisa is gifted in many areas, including making cake pops.  She outdid herself with these planet-inspired pops.  They were as delicious as they were cute :).  I made the sun Styrofoam centerpiece (from Hobby Lobby and spray painted) so it looked as it the planets were orbiting around.

We served "rocket fuel" juice boxes, "space junk" munchie mix, cake pops and blue velvet cupcakes.

I made the little tags and printed them off...I used the same background template for the invitations, signs and gift bags.  I downloaded a free font that was space-themed.

For the gift bags, we found spritz brand hand air rockets and then the kids also placed their pinata candy inside the bag.  Each bag had a sign that said "Space Ranger (child's name), thanks for making  my party a blast!"

Solon asked for a pinata and I took the opportunity to make a home-made one.  I ended up doing most of the dirty work on the deck by myself.  We used a balloon and paper-mached around it (equal parts water and flour and newspaper).   Then I spray-painted it blue and did a rough interpretation of the landmasses in green, making sure to represent our favorite places like Australia, Madagascar, and the USA ;)!  The only snag we hit was that, it broke easier than a store-bought one, which was good but the string was the first thing to break which was bad.  Scott held it bravely while the kids finished off the job :).

We also played a few other games outside before a water fight broke out.  We took hula hoops and a beach ball and played "Ring Saturn" by tossing the hula hoops over the beach ball.  Then we played moon landing, which were gunny sack races from one side of the yard to the other while carrying an American flag and depositing it across the yard.  Of course we also crumpled up lots of computer paper and played meteorite shower.  We played several rounds where you had to toss all the  meteorites across the line, to the other team's side.  And lastly we played Asteroid Splash Down - aiming water balloons at different space objects, like planets and the black hole.

It was an hour and a half party and we had a blast with games, snacks and of course present opening and all the kids went home a little more tired and wetter than they came.  

It was an out of this world party for sure :).

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