Solon is 5...

Dear Solon,

You are 5 and are so proud of it.  You have been telling everyone you see that you are 5 now.  This was the first birthday, you just couldn't wait to celebrate and we celebrated for weeks, it seems.  Your extended family loves you so much, they all wanted to celebrate with you.  You are a blessed little boy.  This year was extra special because your cousins are home from Australia and you love spending every moment you can with your buddy and cousin Lance!  You two are thick as thieves!  This was the first year you requested a friend party with just little boys and had a theme picked out months in advance.  It wasn't a surprise, you picked space and planets.

It was a unique theme and I will detail it in another post but you had a blast!  You have memorized the order of the planets and have them all hanging on your ceiling.  The first go around hanging them they were not in the right order and you had us correct that pronto.  You love to draw the planets with chalk and are always making sure to include Jupiter's great red spot, the Earth's moon, Saturn's rings and color Neptune blue.  You know A LOT about space and love to read book after book on the subject.  You even talk daddy into finding youtube videos that you watch together.  It is fun to watch you soak it all in.  

You are a smart cookie.  

Your latest favorite toy are snap circuits.  You can connect different snap pieces to create different electrical circuits.  You love to come up with new and different is fun to watch you stick your tongue out and really concentrate on your project.

You still love, love, love to play football and tackle and be tickled and wrestle.  We have a family match almost every night.  We all end up on the floor laughing hysterically trying to tickle daddy! 

You learned how to ride a bike without training wheels this summer.  You are so competitive and tenacious, you saw a neighbor doing it and that night had daddy take off the training wheels and an hour later you were off...

You continue to love to swim and have become quite the fish, diving and jumping off the diving board in the deep end.  Mommy's heart stopped momentarily the first time you did it independently!  

You still love to snuggle at bedtime, in the morning and while Vera is napping.  You no longer nap but have mastered the art of a quiet rest after some practice.  You play quietly in your room for about an hour and then come down and watch a tv show while Vera naps.  

Your favorite shows these days are on Disney Jr, you have perfected the art of working the remote control and know 7-0 = Disney Jr and 2-4 = Nick Jr.  

You love cars, trains and anything with wheels as well as your power wheels and playing outside.  Your latest thing with daddy is going geocaching or "treasure-hunting".  

The way you talk and say funny phrases always puts a smile on your face....from "I am sorry to say..." to "we keep him aruond for a reason" or "sin is messy".  You obviously are listening closely to someone...we better watch what we say :)!

You love school and can't wait to get back to it with your buddy Max.  Playing with the neighbor kids is also a favorite.  You are still shy and require mom to go with you to knock on their door though.  

Your favorite foods include mac n'cheese, Mexican food, Jethro's mac n' cheese (which is what you chose for your birthday), chocolate shakes and sparkling water (close to pop without the sugar or caffeine, which is why I think you like it :).  

You wear size 5 clothing these days and are atleast a size 12 shoe but you mostly wear flip flops.  You get yourself dressed and I have to remind you everyday to wear your glasses and many days we have to hunt them down...your eye continues to need some help but we know God will take care of it!   You have no loose teeth but you can't wait to lose it, so you can get some money!  

You do a few chores around the house and really like to help most of the unload the dishwasher, put your clothes in the laundry room and clear the table after dinner.  

You got bunk beds and love to sleep on the top bunk and love when daddy makes up silly stories for you before bed and then request mom climbs up top for snuggle time :).  You like a night light to sleep and still sleep with your blanket and your favorite stuffed pal, Kitty!  

You have been asking lots and lots of questions about God and prayer and the world, you are just so curious.  We continue to pray you ask Jesus into your heart when you are ready.  Your discipline these days is less and less.  Occasionally, we have to take away something special and normally that reminds you misbehaving is no fun for a few weeks.  You still get crabby when you are hungry and tired (just like your dad ;).  

You love to sing, dance and do your signature fist pump dance and love to laugh and be silly!

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Max and Solon - great friends

Momma's boy (forever ;)
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Solon Robert Port
5 years Old

You are so compassionate and empathetic and equal parts tenacious and competitive.  I see a lot of both daddy and mommy in you.  I get choked up thinking about how much you have grown in the last 5 years, it seems like yesterday, I felt a love I had never felt, when I held you in my arms for the first time.  God knew what he was doing when he gave me you.  We are extremely blessed and humbled we get to be your parents and raise you.  We love you more than words can express and God loves you even more.  We are excited to watch you grow but remember you told me you would always be my baby and snuggle me - I will hold you to it.  

As you would say right now....I love you to pluto and back Solon Robert!

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