Going on a Berry Hunt...

Berry hunting has been on our chalkboard summer bucket list for the last 2 summers so when my friend Angie posted they went, I quickly got the details from her.  The farms get picked over fast around here so time is of the essence.  I called up my friend Emilie, who is always up for adventure, and the next day we were in the car as the rain was splashing down.  Luckily for us, it was a blip on the radar and it was nice and humid but dry when we arrived!  We got our instructions to go in "this lane" with a flick of the wrist by the attendant and off we went.  We got a few rude remarks by fellow people near us as we were not sure where the heck we were supposed to be with such clear instructions.  BUT once we figured it out the kids mostly kept each other entertained and Emilie and I did most of the manual labor.  Mind you she is pregnant and berry picking is very labor-intensive (no pun intended ;).  
All smiles at the beginning...

Our strawberry finds...

Emilie working hard and the girls...mmmm...not so much...I think they ate more than they picked.  Luckily there is free eating while you pick ;).

Our finds with our oh-so-helpful crew!

We also stopped on the way back to the weigh and pay station to pick up fresh sugar-snap peas. They might just be our family's favorite veggie.

While we payed for our goods, the kids played on an old swing set that had a horse made out of a tire.  They all wanted their daddy's to whip one of those up for our houses!

We each went home with about 8 lbs of very small strawberries.  Due to the odd weather this spring the strawberries matured much smaller than normal.  We froze about half of ours since some were sour tasting and we will make freezer jam with them!

The only bummer of the whole day was a rock hit my windshield on the way home.  I am lucky we didn't crash as it was large and very loud.  Emilie and I both winced and closed our eyes on the interstate!  We will get it fixed after construction season is over.  I was sure to tell my civil engineering hubby about it ;)!

All in all, it was a fun experience.  I think the kids got the hang of it and we will definitely go again.  We can check that off of our summer bucket list....more to come soon.  We have been busily doing some of the things on our list, now to get caught up on documenting them :)!