A Weekend At Home ALONE...

We had a wedding in June for Scott's pledge son and dear friend of us here in Des Moines.  My parents graciously offered to take the kids (we twisted their arm ever so slightly ;) and we had a weekend alone to celebrate our 8th anniversary and do things we did pre-kids like sleep in and sip coffee while it is still hot!  The kids had a BLAST at the lake alone and we had a blast being home alone.  Generally when our kids go away, so do we SO this was a new experience for us!

After I met my mom in Clear Lake to swap the kiddos, I headed back to Ankeny to run errands SOLO - yippee and stopped to get a pedicure too!

That night we headed to one of our Ankeny restaurants, Renallo's, it is not real kid friendly...you know the kind with dim lights, candle and ambient music playing.  It was delightful!  Afterwards, we met up with the wedding party downtown.  I felt a "tad" old down there...think just graduated college crowd but I got free fruity non-alcoholic drinks since I was a DD so it was a win!  I even got to get gussied up for the night in a new maxi dress...

#selfie (yes a hashtag and a selfie, I am h to the ip like that aka hip)

 The next day we enjoyed sleeping in and I did sleep in, I was worried I would wake up at 6:45 sans kids but I didn't.  Then I went on a leisurely run, we did some work around the house, I did my devotional on the back deck and pretty much tried to remember what I did with all my time and then I remembered I was in grad school pre-kids
The Guiter wedding was beautiful.

It was held downtown at the Iowa Events Center aka the old Vets Auditorium, you would never know it though.  It was so glamorous.  The ceiling changed color and their monogram was displayed on the wall...

This was the first non-family wedding my sister and I were both invited too.  We were at the older end of the friend spectrum and she at the younger end.  When you are 6 years apart in school, this was fun for us!

And we danced the night away...literally...I.LOVE.TO.DANCE!

Our group of fraternity brother friends...everyone is ALL over the country now so we were planning who had to get married next so we could all get together soon!  Luckily for us, Scott's best friend and fraternity brother is getting married in October in KC.  Vera happens to be the flower girl and Scott's a groomsman.  We can't wait!

And just in case you were worried, Scott was left at the table while I danced...he wasn't.  We both had a blast dancing the night away.  They pulled out some stellar albeit interesting moves :).  He has moves like Jagger...well....

And the evening ended on the dance floor at 1am, shoeless and having a ball.  The next morning we slept in, enjoyed our coffee on the deck and enjoyed each other.  When you have uninterrupted conversation, you can talk about hopes and dreams, plans for the future, wishlists and more...it is always refreshing and fun to be with your sweetheart alone.  It was a fabulous staycation -- thanks mom and dad for taking the kids ;)!!!