A trip to the lake with cousins...

We have been LOVING having our Aussie cousins now living back in the USA and so close to us in Minneapolis.  My parents were going to be away for a few prime lake weekends this summer and offered up the house for us to use.  We invited the Malin's to join us for a weekend in June.  The weather in MN has been RAINY, oh my word!  BUT with kids, it doesn't matter.  They played hard and had so much fun and us adults relaxed, talked, ate and enjoyed watching them.  It was a fun weekend, we hope to repeat soon!

Friday night, we got there before bedtime and Auntie Raquel brought some fun glow in the dark stuff...including some awesome shades :)

We took boat rides, the kids tubed, we went on jet ski rides and even went and got ice cream at the marina in the boat!
Lance and Vera
The Malin kids adapted well to the MN weather, their parents on the other hand have some adapting to do and this is MN SUMMER...they are in trouble!

...and they logged hours upon hours in the "warm" hot tub, nicely cooled to bath water!
We also tested out the new porch on a rainy evening and made s'mores and hung out by the fire.  It was glorious!

We made "cool and awesome" aunt and uncle for some crazy tubing for Grace, in her words, "I went 2 meters in the air" (gotta love the metric system reference).  She and Uncle Scott did go HIGH and I could never in a million years replicate that move if I tried but glad she LOVED it!  We are so glad they are back and loving all this extra time we are getting to be with them this summer...