Solon's Last Day of School...

Last day of school above (May 2014)
First day of school below (September 2013)

 Last day of school on Left (May 2014) and First Day of School on Right (September 2013)
...and I had to include this picture because it is the only one I had of his sweet teacher, Mrs. Reeves, but Solon was not in a cooperative or picture-taking mood this morning!  Hence this picture ;).  We are in the training years, aren't we?!  I have a feeling this will be his face in about 12 more years again ;)!

We had a great year and Solon learned so much.  It is amazing to reflect back to just a few months ago and see how much growth both of the kids have made.  The days may seem long but the years do go by fast.  I am so blessed to be their mommy and am so proud of Solon for thriving in his first year of preschool.  Due to his summer birthday, we decided to wait to send him until he is 6 to kindergarten.  We are looking forward to sneaking in some more time home together next year :).