Solon's End of Year Preschool Program...

There are just some things in this life you dream about and then all of a sudden, it's happening, and you wonder how you are old enough/responsible enough/blessed enough for it to be happening.  I did my fair share of concerts when I taught but there is nothing quite like going and grinning ear to ear (inside and out) with pride as you see the cutest little boy in the front row waving back at you....ready to sing his heart out at his preschool concert.  He has had a fabulous year and he loved his teachers.  He has a fierce love of learning and we are always answering life's most important questions!
He can be shy so we were not sure what to expect.  When I asked my parents and Scott's parents to come, I got a text back from both of them in about 30 seconds, saying they would be there, I told them I wasn't sure how much he would "perform" as he doesn't like large crowds but HE SANG!  It was darling, I nearly cried! 
They sang some of their songs from their different themes of the year and finger plays as well.  The teachers were so smart and had them sit down so there wasn't as much wiggling and they even put a mat behind in case a chair tipped back (they have been in this rodeo a time or two).  
We had heard each song at home a bunch the weeks prior, he was definitely practicing!
When they were all done, they had a little reception with cookies and lemonade and it was fun to watch how organized the kids were.  They definitely have a snack routine, down to unfolding the napkin and then wrapping up leftovers when they are done to dispose of in the trash can! WOW - can I say this teacher was impressed with the classroom management!

Solon and his bestie Max, they are 2 peas in a pod!

We also got to enjoy the coookies, Vera chose a purple flower cookie of course!  Doesn't my mom look great, she has lost nearly 80 lbs!

Daddy and his Mini-Me (unintentional outfit match by the way)
After the concert, we took everyone out for a celebratory lunch.  It was also Mother's day and Nana's birthday that week so we had much to celebrate!

Our little buddy is growing up SO fast and what a sweet, vivacious, sensitive, busy, athletic, competitive and attentive little man he is!  He keeps me on my toes.  We are so proud of you Solon!