PEO Convention...

This year I am serving as president of my local chapter of PEO.  You may ask what PEO is?  Well, we aim to promote education and empowerment among young women, raising money for scholarships, grants, low-interest loans, and emergency funding.  It is a christian organiziation started nearly 150 years ago in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa and in Iowa alone there are roughly 400 local chapters, 3 being in Ankeny.  We are known as Chapter PG (which is quite ironic since we are young chapter filled with lots of PG women ;)!  I got involved because of my grandmother who was initiated into the organization in 1959 and joined her mother-in-law at meetings in Marshall, MN.  Since then all of my paternal aunts and mom have joined the group and all have been members in a variety of states.  It is a great way to meet women of many different backgrounds, ages and variety of talents and interests while each calling one another sister.

As part of my duties this year, I attended our state convention where we did some business, heard from scholarship recipients, and mingled with PEO sisters from across the state.  The experience deepened my appreciation for what we do in transforming women's lives.  Together our sisterhood has given over 250 million dollars to enhance women's lives - wow!

My grandmother joined me for lunch as a member of her chapter in Cedar Rapids was currently serving our state as president.  It is fun to be able to call my grandmother, whom I adore and admire, my sister as well.  It was a moment both of us will always cherish!
(People say I look like my mom and I do, but I see my grandma in me too - and we are two peas in a pod)

A cherry on top of the cake was that my kids and Scott joined me at the hotel to have a hotel "slumber party".  My kids love going to hotels, swimming in the pools, eating in bed and doing all things hotel-like and of course this was in the "city" in a tall, tall building which made it extra cool.  The hotel was full given all the attendees so we got a king bed for 4...some of us slept better than others but we all had a lot of fun.  The kiddos worked the pool hard on a few occasions!

What a special weekend in Des Moines celebrating all things PEO!