Ledges State Park...

Scott and I have some fun memories of college days spent canoeing down the river and landing at Ledges where we BBQed.  We went hiking there before kiddos but we haven't been back since kiddos.  It has been on our summer checklist for 2 summers now so we put it on the calendar and off we went.  We knew Solon especially, would love it and he did!  We explored for a while and then stopped to have a picnic lunch while the kids played, explored some more, found a hiking trail, played in the water more, drove around and through the road streams before heading home tired and dirty!

Solon was all alone by himself here, shortly after though more and more people came...he had fun floating his boats down the river and over the rock falls.

A little gem tucked into the heart of Iowa.  Solon keeps asking when we can go back...we plan to take the Malin cousins when they visit in July!