Last Swimming Lesson...

I feel like I have been doing the "last of" posts lately.  We have officially reached "that" age where we are kind of in a school schedule.  How is that possible?   Solon finished his second year of swimming lessons and he is doing so well.  We asked him if he wants to continue in the fall and he said "YES!".  His cousins are amazing swimmers and the coupled with his competitive spirit, he has a strong interest in the sport and the fact that there is no contact with other athletes (unlike his horrible soccer experience).
He is still working on coordinating his legs and arm strokes to swim long distances.
They also were working on seated dives and pushing off to get started.

They even got to use the starting blocks (I think that is what they are called ;).
There he is on the left swimming back to the wall...

He is working on side breathing, front, back, and side stroke and a butterfly-ish looking one (atleast the legs ;).  We are also working on keeping his booty up while floating and swimming on his back!  He will be back at it in the fall and get plenty of practice time logged at the lake and pool in the mean time.