Mother's Day 2014...

Today was a perfectly low key kind of day.  We were so sore from our landscape work yesterday that we were all happy to just hang out and enjoy the rainy morning after church, a yummy fondue lunch with scotcharoos by daddy and kiddos for lunch, a mommy-Vera nap date and rounded it off with a perfectly sunny afternoon turned evening sipping a cocktail watching the kids slip n'slide.  Pure bliss and perfection.  I am abundantly blessed to be called mom.  On days like this it doesn't slip my mind, that many wish to be in my position and in a very tiny, small way I know their ache as I know I want to hold more babies in my arms (to those who have shared your personal stories, know I am praying for you). I

I am SO thankful for what God has graciously bestowed in Vera, Solon and a baby I will meet someday!  I love my kids and I love that they have given me the best job in the world with amazing benefits!

We asked Solon to answer the survey below (his words in italics)...his answers made us both laugh out loud :)

My mom is..... 31 years old (I am actually only 30)
She likes to shop at....Target
My mom loves at Target
The best thing my mom cooks is...macaroni and cheese
Her favorite food is...guacamole
Her favorite color is...the blackest blue (which is true, I love navy blue)
Her favorite thing to do to relax is...lay down
My mom and I like and be silly together
My mom is really good at...I have no idea!
I love my mom because...I give her lots of love and hugs and kisses

There you have it folks - He knows me REALLY well!

A Mother's day selfie with my sweet kiddos :)

...and Daddy all tuckered out taking care of the house for mommy!

I am a blessed mama!  
Thanks to my amazing mom for teaching me so many things like compassion, empathy, laughter, and adventure.  Thanks for loving me enough to set me straight a few times and helping me to follow my dreams :) I love you for all you did for me and still do! And to my mother-in-law Marty, thanks for raising an amazing son, who is an amazing father and husband!