May Day 2014...

Every year May Day creeps on me, I blame it falling smack dab at the beginning of the month.  This year I remembered a few weeks prior and and nerd alert, I set a reminder on my phone so I could buy some candies to accompany the popcorn.  Many years I have just scrounged the pantry as I am sure many generations of mom's before me have.  I am sure that is why popcorn is included, it generally is a pantry staple.  I have found kiddos don't really care what is in it, it is more fun just to get something from a friend!  Solon loved ding-dong ditching this year and we had TONS more neighbors this year he could deliver to!  He went from wearing flip-flops to crocs to his tennis shoes...he needed to be fast!
We assembled them while Vera was napping...
It was a windy day so we forgo-ed the cups quickly and went with bags!
We did make a special delivery to a few friends not in our immediate neighborhood.  Solon liked the fast car getaway too!
Here's a video clip of him delivering the goods, he took it very seriously.  He was watching a little boy 3 years older than him do it and taking mental notes :).  He was so excited when our doorbell rang a few times.  Our new non-Iowa native neighbors were caught quite surprise by this fun tradition!

Happy May Day!