Off to Branson We Go: Day 3...

Scott's brother works at the Arkansas Game & Fish Dept and is an avid fisherman/hunter.  We thought it would be fun to have him lend us his expertise as we went to a trout fish hatchery.  The hatchery was free and had a great little visitor's center complete with local "live" wildlife that the kiddos loved.  We also watched a little video explaining why they have a hatchery and then went out to feed the fish. They actually encourage feeding them (you pay)!

While we were there they were moving fish from one run to another to mark them and prepare them for the wild.  They scooped them up, put them in a truck, and then shot them out of a tube when they got to the new location.  It was fun to watch.
We spent a good chunk of our morning there and headed home for some lunch before the kiddos took a nap (since they missed one the day before) while the ladies went shopping at the outlets!  I had some success ;).  Then that night we went to Dolly Parton's Dixieland Stampede.  It was a hit!

 The kids loved all the animals and the food was quite delicious.  Solon even got a cherry 7-up in a boot glass.  He said afterward they didn't give him any silverware, to which we all replied, we got none too!