Off to Branson We Go: Day 2...

So call us crazy but none of us anticipated it was going to be so cold in the "south".  Luckily, and I mean luckily, at the last minute I threw our winter-ish coats in the car and good thing I did (we wore them everyday).  We had planned to go to Silver Dollar City our first full day in Branson.  We woke up that morning and the temp was hovering around freezing but we weren't sure what else we would do and knew we would spend the majority of the day hemming and hawing so we just decided to go for it and freeze our buns off for the sake of fun!  And we froze for the first few hours but we also had a lot of fun!  It wasn't that busy, surprise, surprise SO there wasn't much waiting in line which is perfect!  Solon rode the wooden roller coaster "Thunderation" 8 times that day.  6 of them being right before we left, the adults had to take turns going, apparently you can do a roller coaster that much in a row when you are 4.  It took Scott the rest of the evening to recover from all his rides :).

Vera got to do a bunch of kiddie rides with us and loved it all.  The frogs were a favorite as evidenced by our faces, they bounced and made your belly "feel funny" according to Solon.
The big "kids" went to ride a few of the bigger roller coasters after lunch while the little ones stayed with Nana and Mommy.  The weather was warming up so the kiddos suntanned on the black top before heading off to the historic town area and petting zoo.   The kids loved the tree house play area.
We met back up and did a few more rides, including "thunder in the hole", one of the original rides.  It was pitch black and when we were finished Solon determined that was not a ride worth repeating.  Scott thought it would be fun to take him on powder keg since he was tall enough, but it was decided (by mom) that he didn't need to go 0 to 60 mph in 2  seconds at 4 years old, imagine what he would be doing at 6!  So back to thunderation to do 6 rounds instead!
It was a fun day and once the sun warmed us up, we all thawed out and had a lot of fun.  We went home and grilled out and watched ISU win that crazy win in the NCAA tournament over UNC and then all passed out!