More things My Kids Do and Say...

It's time for another edition of the things my kids do and say!

As I am typing this blog post, she just closed her little window of her house to pick her nose in private.

I asked Solon to get something and he said, "In a jiffy!"

Vera colored on the wall and Solon said,  "Mom, it might be hard to get off because markers stain and stains are hard to get off."

Vera said something unrecognizable to which Solon replies, "Vera we cannot understand you, please use your words."

The other day I told Solon he forgot to put on his glasses (which is like and he said "Mom, goodness gracious, I can never remember to put my glasses on...geesh"

Solon's prayer for our recent 70 degree day "Thank you Lord for this wonderful warmness."

The other day Vera had tumbling and Solon was so sweet cheering her on, hands on his knees, crouched over...

At lunch Solon was explaining something and had the same identical hand gestures as Scott has when he is explaining something, I just about fell over from the cuteness.

At Target Solon announces loudly we need to buy our baby in my belly some new clothes, to which Vera replies "There's a baby in mommy's belly" (over and over and over again), to which I reply "no there is NOT a baby in there" to which Solon replies "When mommy has babies her belly gets REALLY fat."  Nice way to start rumors.....oy vey!

Solon likes to tell me how much he loves me...."Mom I love you in 2 universes"

Solon's prayer..."Dear God, help daddy at work, help mommy to get exercise, and Evan to get a refrigerator."

During a recent discussion on his birthday ideas "Mom, I have the whole thing planned out (complete with hand gestures), if they have a space "inata", get me a space "inata" but if they don't I still want a "inata" so just get any kind, okay mom I really want an "inata".  Yep buddy I got it, you want a pinata - check!

While outside the last few nice spring days, Solon has been too cold and goes inside. I informed Scott tonight of this and Scott said, "Was he wearing shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops?" to which I replied "Yep!"  Natural consequence is to be cold....

The other day Solon was quickly disciplined after I asked him to get on his shoes for the 100th time..."mommy you are being really bossy and annoying."  To which I replied in my head, I wouldn't be that way if you would just put your shoes on the first time I asked....**Smile!

Vera has 2 strollers and 1 grocery cart she hoards items into along with a slew of bags.  I tried to empty them one day and was met with great resistance so now we just stow the bags away at night so she can pull them all out and carry them around the next day.

Vera was so distraught she could only have treasure box toy so Solon picked the 2nd one she wanted and said "mom, I want Vera to be happy, I don't need my toy, she can have it."  Insert mommy heart bursting ;)

The other day Vera had a finger up her nose and said "booger" to which I replied, "Do you need a kleenex", to which she replied "no I pick it!"

Just another installment of the funny things my kids do and say...we will be back with more soon!