Fun at Nana and Papa's....

With Scott's parents wintering in Florida now (I know we are jealous too!), we hadn't been to their house in a while.  The kids were anxious to get reacquainted with all of the cool toys and Nana and Papa's 17 year old kitty, Sasha.  We also had some Easter fun, decorating eggs.  We also enjoyed the AWESOME weather and flew kites and took a walk around their neighborhood which is full of trees, gravel roads, and a river....Nature's playground!

Solon was very methodical about his eggs, taking equal turns with each technique and color.

Vera only used one color - purple!  No coaxing would change her mind :)

Everyone got in on the decorating...Even Great-Grandma was inspired to try a few!

I had fun with a shapie...making mini-me's!

Our finished masterpieces -- Marty did a double batch of color per container which helped the eggs to be more vibrant.

After the egg decorating, Vera decorated herself with extra stickers and then showed them to Great-Grandma and Daddy.

After all that hard work, we decided to get outside.  Nana's spring flowers were just starting to bloom...and we stopped to admire.  Our God is such an artisan.

 Of course I had my good camera so a few photos of my munchkins was in order and as long as they could run and roam and I chased snapping they were ok!

We flew kites (meaning Papa and I flew them) and the rest lost interest about 30 seconds in but it was a perfect day for kite flying.

Then an impromptu game of tag started, followed by some duck-duck-goose when we needed to rest and then a walk because we were dizzy :)

Good thing we took a walk because we got to go meet and feed the horses -- Lily and TJ.  Solon was in heaven.  They also have 3 friendly dogs which he loved on.  He LOVES animals.  He thought he was hot stuff giving them food, putting hay in the tire and water in their buckets.

After all that fresh air and dirt, we needed to wash up for Easter the next day.  We also had some multi-color fingers from egg decorating.
The kids love to be washed in the sink in the utility room at Nana's.  Solon is dreading the day he is too big.
And then before bed they had to decorate the delicious cake Nana made for Easter dinner.  That cake by the way is to.die.for.  It tastes like almond wedding cake....I may or may not have eaten most of the leftovers she sent home with us. YUM!
After the kids were in bed we played a round of Crazy Rummy as adults.  It was a late night which turned into an early morning because we had 2 excited kids wanting to see what was in their baskets.