The Things My Kids Do & Say...

Vera currently can't now say "or" very well so things come out but in the short u sound so things like fork and frog come across a little inappropriate.

Solon cleared my plate for me and I said thank you, his response "Don't think about it" (I think he meant don't worry about it :)

Solon's new favorite song is "Step in Time" from Mary Poppins and is a hilariously good replica of the dance scene in the movie.

For Vera sock=snack and when she squawks or screams you should know what she wants IMMEDIATELY!

Solon started chanting "I don't like winter, snow go away"  and I asked him why and he said, we can't play outside.  It is true, it has been SO cold that we haven't been able to really play in any of the snow we have.  I have picture evidence of the handful of times we have :(.

When Solon tells us about school, you can often tell he was listening well because he repeats things verbatim to how the teacher would have said it to him.

The other night Scott was putting Solon to bed and he said it was my turn to sleep with him a little bit and Solon said "no daddy, mommy likes to talk to me for a long, long time."

Whenever I leave the house, Vera asks "Where going?"

A popular phrase around our house is "Princesses go poopy on the potty!"

We also say a lot of sit down at the table, stop getting up from your chair and Vera why are your clothes off again!

I said Grandpa taught me the word discretion and Solon chimed in, "He also taught us 'honk, honk, honk' at the end of the birthday song."  Yes he did, buddy, yes he did.

I came home from my haircut today and Solon said, "Mommy you are so beautiful...."

Vera has been sick and I heard Solon say to her, "It's okay your crabby Vera, you're sick."

Generally Vera wants what Solon has and often times he says he will just give it to her....she is spoiled that girl ;)!  She has her brother wrapped around her finger!

They are full of laughs and funnies and I wish I could get to the computer immediately and type them up because they are things I want to remember and won't :)!