Spring Updates...

I have finally had some energy - amen - yes amen! And with that comes my crafty crawling to be used!  Have I told you I have a serious current obsession with typeface art?! As referenced in my recent family room art....anyway I like to have a little somin-somin when people are greeted in the entry.  I moved the dresser my parents gave us from Vera's room down to the foyer.  I loved it up there but the drawers are old and harder to open then the easy one handed ikea kind and it was pretty bulky and space is prime in kiddo rooms.  My mom actually housed this dresser in all the foyers of the many houses we grew up in, so in an odd way it feels like it is at home and makes me smile!  It also houses not-in-use accessories.  So I try to do a teeny-bit of seasonal decor on it as my mom did growing up. I have this memory of vintage valentines she would put on there...anyway I digress!

I don't have a ton of seasonal decor BUT with the long winter I decided to dig through the accessories and find something spring-ish to make it at least seem like spring and of course I whipped up some typeface art that says "Think Spring".

Then I also found this little grapevine wreath for a quarter at a garage sale and had no idea what I would use it for but knew I would find a use for it...fast forward 9 months and I whipped up this little wreath with the "P" I had, some ribbon I also had, and a sprig of lavender-ish looking fake flowers on 50% sale from Michael's.  Total project cost was $4.  Perfection!

It does currently clash with the snowman and sled also on my porch but this weekend I am planning on getting those things stored away so that our house is ready for warmer weather....wonder when my tulips will pop up?!

Happy Spring Folks!