Snow Ice Cream...

Note:  My computer is being a tad temperamental.  Earlier today it wouldn't turn on all the way, so I gave it a little time and voila, it's temporarily working!  I am going to take advantage and hopefully get a few blog posts in!

In an effort to be fun parents, one night after dinner we decided to make snow ice cream (I pinned it on pinterest).  I was surprised at how simple the recipe was -- milk, a little vanilla, a dash of salt and 8 -10 C snow.  I sent the kids and daddy out in their comfies to get the snow while I mixed up the other ingredients.  They were so excited!

Then we all took turns mixing it up and the kids added some toppings....
....and their reaction was laughable and underwhelming.  

Let's chalk up snow ice cream as fun but a fail as far as eating it.  They enjoyed the process more than eating it and Scott and I agreed.  We thought it would be better to make snow into snow cones.  The ice cream had an oddly snow cone-esque watery taste.  Anyway it was cheap and provided some fun this long winter.