Project 3106 Making a house Our Home: Family Room Shelves...

Oh my gosh it has been too long since I did a house update post.  We loved our house when we moved in and picked all the paint colors, flooring, etc so there wasn't anything major to change BUT once we moved in I realized our fireplace wall would look better flanks symmetrically by two shelves, I wanted built-ins for a more finished look for our long-term home.  I didn't want to just get something I liked so we waited until I thought I had what I wanted mapped out in my head.  Scott is great because I give him the vision and we work out the nuts and bolts together and then away he goes to Home Depot to get the supplies and constructs.  He was quite willing because he got a new "toy" for Christmas and he couldn't wait to try it out -- a nail gun and compressor!

Okay so last we left, we had ripped the backs off of these hammy down but lovely shelves (one currently lives in Solon's bedroom and the other is in storage in the basement).  That mirror has since seen a makeover and has been moved!
This is day 2 after we moved in to give you what we started with...

 So this is where we started.  I wanted low shelves, I can't stand too much clutter and I may still enclose them at some point but for now they are fine (one is partially covered by our chair).

Okay then I went to Ikea and got 2 more large square ribba frames, made some word art and put those up symmetrically.  I have major issues with things being "even".  I then went on a lamp hunt....I mean, I brought 6 different lamps home from TJ Maxx and Target (oy vey - the return guy thought I was nuts!).  I knew what I wanted and

So as a place filler, we took our bedroom lamps and took them downstairs, our family room was in sore need of additional lighting on that side of the room and it worked great, but they were kind of blah...but still nothing better!
One of the axed lamps - cute just too small and not substantial enough - I seriously am so picky sometimes!
So low and behold one day while at Target I actually saw some lamp shades I had brought home on a different lamp on clearance for $7 a piece...and I hemmed and I hawed and you know me, I didn't get them, because I stink at impulse decisions and then I kicked myself and prayed the random blue bird shades would still be there a few days later and they were - they are kind of taste specific and out there but they were just the "pop" o'color I was looking for and a little feminine in a leather dominated room!

Don't mind the real-life cart track hanging off my shelves...

I also am digging the wall art I seriously made as place holders since I wanted the art up before a party but knew I would be slow as a snail in ordering prints for those slots....and now I think I might leave them for a while!

I whipped them up on my silhouette and printed them off on cardstock - I had myself some cute little type-art print for pennies.  Win-win!

So even though I can't stamp this project FINISHED because the shelves need to be painted, that won't be done until spring break when the kids and I vacate and the enamal fumes don't eat us alive!
I will be back with post-pictures when I remember ;)!